Stuff I Love: November 2016

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I know I keep saying this, but I literally just sat down to write last month’s post and here it is time for a November Stuff I love!

November flew by. I was exceptionally busy trying to settle into my new role as Stay-At-Home-Mom, and Work-at-Home-Mom/blogger. I also got back on the educational horse so to speak and starting subbing at the awesome school I worked at 10 years ago. I also picked up a tutoring student who I am with three times a week. So yeah, keeping busy!


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Stuff I Love: November 2016. The Mom Hour (podcast), Under Armour fleece running headband, Bath and Body Works Balsam candle and Chateau Saint Michelle Chardonnay.

Stuff I Love: November 2016

The Mom Hour

In my first Stuff I Love post, I mentioned how I was digging listening to the Serial podcast while out walking/running/biking. I asked for recommendations of other podcasts to try and reader Sarah, pointed me towards The Mom Hour.

I’ve been hooked since!


Stuff I Love: November 2016. The Mom Hour (podcast), Under Armour fleece running headband, Bath and Body Works Balsam candle and Chateau Saint Michelle Chardonnay.
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The Mom Hour is a podcast hosted by two moms who are also bloggers and writers. Meghan lives in Michigan and has 5 kids and Sarah lives in Southern California with her three little ones. Their combined experiences offer a great perspective on all things family and motherhood. What I like the most about their discussion style is that they are totally non-judgmental in their approach. They give their point of view, some great advice and tips, but always under the umbrella of every family is different and you do what works for you.

Love that.

I started listening at episode 72, and subscribed so I get an email when a new episode comes out. I have back listened to about 30 other episodes- they are all stand-alone discussions so you can jump around to whatever you are interested in. I’ve been listening while I run, and the 45-50 minute episodes are the perfect length for a 3-4 mile run + cool down! I’ve also been listening in the car, through my Bluetooth on solo drives to Atlantic City and Baltimore. I even made my husband listen to a few episodes while we drove to Maine for Thanksgiving.

I highly recommend checking out this podcast, and again, I am open to suggestions to new shows as well! Please leave me a comment if you love The Mom Hour or can point me to another great podcast!


Under Armour Fleece Headband

I love all of my Under Armour products. They just hold up well, and do what they are supposed to! Last Christmas, my brother gave me this fleece headband and I LOVE IT!

Stuff I Love: November 2016. The Mom Hour (podcast), Under Armour fleece running headband, Bath and Body Works Balsam candle and Chateau Saint Michelle Chardonnay.
I like to run and take selfies. And wear my UA headband. From top left: Long Island Half Marathon May 2016, training April 2016, Atlantic City Half Marathon October 2016 and Getting ready to Turkey Trot 2016

Even when it’s not super cold, I need to cover my ears when running. I’ve had other bands and hats, but they would end up getting stretched out and slip over my eyes. This one actually stays in place, without being super tight! I couldn’t winter run with out it!  I have the black one, but it actually comes in some super fun other colors! Plus, this headband is machine washable and I also like wearing it as a replacement for a winter hat on a cold day!


Bath & Body Works Fresh Balsam Candle

Now I am a pretty loyal Bath & Body Works shopper year round, but Halloween & Christmas is really their time to shine! I was in the shop recently to pick up my wintery soaps and the three wick candles were actually on sale for $12.50! So I picked up this Fresh Balsam candle and wow!

Can you really be in love with a candle?

Now if you don’t have a Bath and Body near you, or if this December you want to understandably avoid the mall at all costs, you can order Bath and Body products right from amazon!

Now I have only recently gotten back “into” candles. The closet in our home office is home to the cat’s litter box and well, burning a candle while I am working at home is often a necessity! And now my kids are old enough that I trust them not to touch a candle or go near it really.

Since the big candles were finally on sale, I decided to give this one a try and OMG it smells so good! Just like a fresh cut Christmas tree! (And as a funny side note, as much as I LOVE Christmas, I detest having a real tree. I hate the mess, and the needles that get EVERYWHERE!). So this candle is a good stand in.




Chateau Saint Michelle Chardonnay

I have been a huge fan of this wine for some time now. I am including it in my November post because I finally figured out which of my local stores carries this wine, and also smartened up to the fact that I should buy more than one bottle at a time…

Stuff I Love: November 2016. The Mom Hour (podcast), Under Armour fleece running headband, Bath and Body Works Balsam candle and Chateau Saint Michelle Chardonnay.

I tend to like white wines that have that buttery, oaky taste (I sound fancy, right?). Chardonnays of this category can get quite pricy (for a splurge I love Cakebread Chardonnay, but it is over $40 a bottle). Château Saint Michelle is at a great price point, usually around $10-12 a bottle. I highly recommend you try this wine with your holiday meal, or it would make a great teacher gift. Trust me, I know what teachers really want!



So here we are, in the throws of holiday fun. I’ll keep running, listening to podcasts, enjoying my candle and drinking some wine. Although what I would really love is a magical elf that comes and sends out my Christmas cards, and buys and wraps all the presents.


One can dream, right?


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  1. Ooh I could use a headband like that. My ears can get really cold! hah I need to try listening to a podcast. There are a few that sound really good; I’m just never sure I can pay attention because my mind tends to wander.



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