Chester Minima: The Best Hardside Luggage

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I got my  first real grown-up luggage set for my  wedding back in 2007. And those suitcases have served us well for MANY years – but  the carry-on size suitcase busted a wheel and has been on the fritz for a while. The big one busted a zipper and I had to replace it on short notice. I had been in the market for a new carry on suitcase, but with SO MANY  options I was kind of stymied about making a new purchase! I was so excited to be introduced to Chester Travels, the ultimate brand in hardside luggage. Today I am so excited to share my review of the Chester Minima, a hardside carry on suitcase that I know you all are going to love!

The best hardside luggage, the best carry on suitcase from Chester Travels, the New Chester Minima #Travel #FamilyTravel

Momma To Go received a Chester Minima  Carry-On Spinner Suitcase for purpose of this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Chester Travels : The Best Hardside Luggage

Looking for the Best Carry On Suitcase

With more and more airlines charging for checked baggage, I prefer to carry on as much as possible. My  husband has silver medallion status on Delta, so he doesn’t pay for checking bags, but I hate waiting  to retrieve my bag when I land! For those reasons, my carry on suitcase gets a lot of use! To me, the best carry on  luggage will feature:

  • Most importantly, easy to maneuver. I am frequently traveling solo with one or two kids, and usually lugging a bunch of crap – booster seats, backpacks, iPads, and our luggage! My kids can, and do help, but having a carry on suitcase that is easy  to roll around definitely helps entice them to grab something!
  • Fits a ton of stuff – like I said, I like to carry on as much as possible. I need my carry  on suitcase to be able to hold a whole bunch of things!
  • Lots of compartments – I like a bag with lots of pockets and compartments to help organize my stuff!
  • Sturdy and durable – Again, we travel frequently and my carry on luggage is usually my  go-to when packing for a long weekend, a road trip or a girls’ getaway. I need a bag that is going to last for a while. I know you can get some cheap suitcases at places like Marshalls or Wal-Mart, but I need a durable piece of carry on luggage.
  • Good price point – Since we use our carry  on luggage often, and I see how thrown around it gets, I can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of carry luggage!


The Best Hardside Luggage: Chester Minima

I was excited to learn my  new Chester Minima checks ALL THOSE BOXES! Each suitcase is designed with an unbreakable AND lightweight  exterior, maximum packing space, 360 degree spinner wheels, and all at a fair price! Additionally, my  Chester Minima carry-on suitcase features a few things I didn’t even know I needed! This carry on suitcase has a  built in TSA approved combination  lock – a combination code that you set, so no one can get in your bag!

The best hardside luggage, the best carry on suitcase from Chester Travels, the New Chester Minima #Travel #FamilyTravel

A Chester Minima measures up at 21.5” x 13.5 “ x 8.5” (including wheels) giving you  the maximum space, while still being carry-on approved size! Empty, the suitcase only weighs 7 pounds, making it the best lightweight carry on  suitcase for your travels!

The interior features the ability to pack into both sides of the luggage. There are three pockets to store smaller items, and double zippered sides to make sure your stuff stays  in place while traveling. I hate arriving to wrinkled clothes and these features help minimize clothes sliding around.

The best hardside luggage, the best carry on suitcase from Chester Travels, the New Chester Minima #Travel #FamilyTravel

Additionally, the Chester luggage has a hardside design. I’ve never had a hardside suitcase before, but I’ve been curious! Honestly  I love the durability and the sleek, modern design. Also, no bulgy front  pocket makes it easy to slide into the airplane overhead bin! This luggage is made our 100% polycarbonate which gives it some flexibility that expands for maximum packing.

Now I am definitely someone who buys for function – but the Chester Minima is also so stylish, sleek and modern. It also comes in SEVEN different colors!


Where to buy a Chester Suitcase

Chester Travels sells directly to travelers – which  helps keep the costs down (no middle man) and makes it so easy to order your Chester luggage. They ship all over the United States, including  Alaska and Hawaii.


Chester is also so confident you will love their luggage (as am I) they offer a full refund if you are not satisfied! If within  the first 100 days of use, you  decide you don’t like the piece, you  can  send it back, no questions asked.

Chester also guarantees their product for 10 years with a warranty  that covers any  damage  to the exterior. If  anything does break, they will fix or replace it. Ordering  a Chester is really  a risk-free purchase. If you are in the market for a new carry-on suitcase, this is definitely the brand for you!

The best hardside luggage, the best carry on suitcase from Chester Travels, the New Chester Minima #Travel #FamilyTravel

Tips for Packing A Carry On Suitcase

If you have read my   Vacation Packing Tips post, you  know that I am a very methodical packer. I ALWAYS start each packing adventure with a list. In my family, I pack for myself, and my two kids. Well, I let them pick their stuff – but I actually pack it into the bags (and double check with the list that we have everything).

For a short trip, where I am using a carry-on sized suitcase, I will first fold and pack all the nicer clothes. Things I don’t want to get wrinkled. Those I will put in the large zippered side, so they don’t slide around and get wrinkled.

Next, in the main compartment, I will pack the larger items – mostly shoes (wrapped in a shoe keeper or plastic bag), and my toiletry bag with travel size items (which I always have packed so it’s ready to go!). Lastly, I will fill in the spaces with the smaller items – pajamas, underwear and socks, any left-over clothes, my make-up, any toys or gear that we need for that particular adventure. And that’s about it!

Make sure your suitcase is labeled with your name (just in case you have to gate check it or get separated from your carry  on) and that you are not carrying any TSA prohibited items. I always keep my real valuables – wallet, passports, phone, medicine, or jewelry in my handbag, again just in case I have to part with my  carry on.

The best hardside luggage, the best carry on suitcase from Chester Travels, the New Chester Minima #Travel #FamilyTravel

How do you like to travel – checked luggage or carry on? When you are in the market for you next carry on suitcase, be sure to check out a Chester Travels bag!


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  1. I had no idea there were TSA approved combination locks. I’ve never heard of this Chester brand, but it looks worth checking out. I need a hard-sided carry-on.

  2. I’m a carry on convert now myself! I do not like paying for baggage and all of my travel experience tells me I have overpacked way too many times. I’ll check these out.


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