Stuff I Love: January 2017

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I can’t believe its time for another Stuff I Love post! January has graced us with pretty mild winter weather here in the North East. No complaints about that! Baby girl and I spent five days in Orlando, which was super fun! I’m continuing to train for a half-marathon coming up next month. And I started a more consistent schedule of working one day a week – need to write more about that, its been awesome! And I have picked up some more tutoring students as the kids approached midterms and standardized tests are getting under way!

And I have certainly loved all of that! But on to the good stuff… my January 2017 Stuff I Love.

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January 2017 Stuff I Love post. This is Us, Federic Fekkai, Lush and Lululemon!

Stuff I Love: January 2017


This is Us

This amazing show almost made it into the December favorites. A few days after Christmas the boys went to an Islanders game and I was home, with nothing good to watch. (I do not watch much TV). Scrolling around, I noticed that NBC was airing the pilot of a show I had heard people talking about: This is Us.

After watching the pilot, I was amazed!

And hooked!

Luckily the other 9 episodes were ON DEMAND, so I was able to binge watch them that week. Which set me up to watch the new episodes in the New Year. NOTE: You can stream episodes here or pre-order the DVD of season one here.

Honestly, I don’t even want to say one thing that this show is about. I can’t think of anything that won’t give away a storyline. But if you haven’t seen this show, start at episode one- trust me! And if you have, can we discuss in the comments?



Lululemon Fresh Tracks Tights

Like I said, January has been so good to us weather-wise. Many days in the upper 30s or 40s! I have been able to still run outside. For Christmas, my husband bought me these amazing Lulu winter running pants, the Fresh Tracks Tights. They are so soft and comfortable.

January 2017 Stuff I Love post. This is Us, Federic Fekkai, Lush and Lululemon!

I need a winter running pant that is breathable, but is going to keep me warm. I don’t want to worry about any sort of chaffing or sliding. These pants are expensive, but totally worth it in my opinion. I have the hero blue, I love a fun pop of color!




I actually don’t know how I stumbled on the great kid’s bath products at Lush but for like the third straight year Santa brought us some awesome Lush bath fizzers!

If you have never been to Lush, it is a British bath product and cosmetic store. We have one in our mall although they seem to be located mainly in urban areas. The items are all handmade, 100% vegetarian and they do not test on animals. My kids love the bath bombs! Some come in fun kids shapes, like the Baby Bot. Others have fun surprises inside, and others just make the bath water really colorful!

January 2017 Stuff I Love post. This is Us, Federic Fekkai, Lush and Lululemon!

These are a little pricy, so definitely a fun splurge for a holiday or birthday! I finally tried one myself and they make the water almost velvety, they are so decadent for grown-ups as well!

The bath bombs make fun gifts, especially for the kid who seems to have every toy! My kids also love the bath dough which is essentially bath play-doh. It’s really a soap, and the kids smell so good after playing with this! The dough eventually dissolves, but you just break off a little each bath. A pack lasts quite a while. They especially liked this Aliens and Monsters one!



Frederic Fekkai Sealing Serum

I am not much of a hair product person. I like a good wash and go scenario and if the temperature is above 40 degrees, I like to let my hair air-dry. My hair is straight, and has always been. But after having baby girl 5 years ago, my hair has definitely taken on more frizz than I would like.

So last year at a Dirty Santa party (where you pick a number, then a gift, and people can steal your gift, etc.) I ended up coming home with a trial size of this serum. I have lately been using it to calm the frizz after I blow dry, and am finally able to wear my hair down all day.

January 2017 Stuff I Love post. This is Us, Federic Fekkai, Lush and Lululemon!

I have greasy hair, but this product is lightweight and doesn’t grease up my locks. Just a little bit seems to go a long way. I apply it to my hair after blow-drying and it keeps the frizz at bay all day. I really wish I had discovered this product sooner!


What have you been loving this January? And how many days until spring????


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24 Comments to “Stuff I Love: January 2017”

  1. I absolutely love This is us! I am usually a curse when it comes to new TV shows; as soon as I fall in love with the,m, they get cancelled, so I’m so happy this one is doing well! I’m also a Lush fan – I love the galaxy bath bomb that makes the water blue and sparkly!

  2. This is such a great post. My husband and I are big on new show, yet once we get hooked they always cancel it for some reason. I don’t know why, they must sense how addicting we all are.

  3. I have heard so many good things about This Is Us but I still haven’t watched it yet, I’ll have to check it out, and I will definitely start at episode 1!! And those running leggings looks awesome, I really need some new ones so I might have to splurge on some. 😉


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