Stuff I Love: February 2017

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Even though I hate winter, I kinda secretly love February. Its always a fun month with a lot of activities and this year, a two week trip to Florida! And I don’t know if because February is shorter, but it always seems to go fast! Plus, the end of February signifies that spring is around the corner! In this busy month, here is some stuff I am loving!

Stuff I Love, February 2017 - HBO Girls, Crunch Gym & Lululemon Outlet


Stuff I Love: February 2017



Its back! Finally! But for its last season.

Happy & sad face.

If you haven’t heard of, or watched, Girls  is an HBO series that follows four millenials through life in Brooklyn/NYC. I actually don’t watch much TV, but I stumbled on it last summer via Amazon prime & the elliptical. The first season was on Amazon prime, and I actually realized that I have HBO (& HBO GO) because my husband subscribes to some special football cable upgrade and HBO comes with.

I love the characters on Girls and the writing is awesome. Its witty, and current and relevant and scary relatable. Last season wasn’t my favorite, so I am excited to see what the final season has in store. Episode 1 surely did not disappoint!

I highly recommend binge-watching Girls. Right now you can do so via HBO Go or Amazon. Seasons 1 and 2 are free for Amazon prime members!




Lululemon Outlet


Aka heaven.

I have recently discovered the awesomeness that is Lululemon. For years I secretly pined over the little circle logo that seemed to be on everyone’s workout gear – except mine. Last summer, I ventured into the store and totally fell in love with their workout pants. Scarily, they make my butt look awesome. I didn’t know that level of magic existed.

Stuff I Love, February 2017 - HBO Girls, Crunch Gym & Lululemon Outlet
End of the Paradise Coast Half Marathon, sporting my $19 Lulu racerback top

I had since bought a fall/spring jacket, a sports bra, a pair of hangout/not really workout pants and these awesome pair of fresh track tights. Last month when baby girl and I headed to Orlando, #1 on my must-do list was to visit the Lululemon outlet at the Vineland Premium Outlets. On that trip I snagged four items for less than $200 – a racer back top ($19!), a pair of Capri pants, a pair of running shorts and a top that has an open back and a built in sports bra.


So on this February jaunt back up to Orlando, I dragged my kids with me back to the lulu outlet on the drive up from Naples. On this trip, for $179 I got a running singlet, a pair of ¾ running tights, a long sleeve t-shirt and get this… a dress with an open back!

If you are in the Orlando area, I highly recommend stopping into this outlet. Everything is the same lulu quality and they had a good variety of colors and sizes. Everything is final sale though, but you can try on! Find other lulu outlets here.


Crunch Gym


So on January 31 I bit the bullet and joined the local Crunch gym. I had a January promotion, knocking the initiation fee down to just $10 so I tried it out that day and signed up as well.

My Crunch gym was just built last year and opened in May of 2016. I knew many friends who joined, and heard of the gym’s low prices. When I first went as a guest, I was shocked at how nice it was! It was big, clean and very inviting. My Crunch has tons of machines and a large weight area. The room for classes is huge. Yes it gets crowded, but this gym can handle the volume of people.

So far, I have used the treadmill (to do my two last long runs before the Naples Paradise Coast Half Marathon) and the elliptical. I have taken Zumba, Cardio Tai Box, Retro-robics, Chiseled and Belly, Butt & Thigh Bootcamp. All the classes have been great! I have the Peak membership so I can take classes (but not spin, that’s extra) and visit other clubs. I was even able to workout at the Crunch in Florida while on vacation!

Stuff I Love, February 2017 - HBO Girls, Crunch Gym & Lululemon Outlet
After running 11 miles on the treadmill. The machine resets after an hour.

Two weeks ago I had a one hour session with a personal trainer – something I have never done before- which was included in my membership. He showed me a variety of non-cardio activities and how to use some of the machines that frankly were kinda intimidating. I think I am going to try to have some follow up sessions with the trainer because I found it very helpful. I also liked that he wasn’t trying to sell me on more sessions. He just gave me his card and told me to text him if I wanted to work together again … and that I can wait for Crunch to have a sale on training if I was hesitant about the price!


Well I can’t wait to watch more episodes of Girls, and to wear my new lulu workout clothes to the gym… and hopefully get some outdoor runs in as well!


What did you love this month?


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17 Comments to “Stuff I Love: February 2017”

  1. I have pined over Lulu for YEARS! Maybe I’ll have to check out an outlet now… I love me some new workout clothes. And girl- 11 MILES on a treadmill?! I don’t know how you do that. I can only run outside haha.

  2. Gym pants that make you look good are always a great thing! I finally found a pair that fits me well and I love wearing them.. I love reading blogs that reflect back on a month. It’s kind of like looking through someone’s scrapbook or photo album for the month. I did a reflection on February in my self care blog as well. It is also good self care to reflect back on the positive things in our lives.


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