Stuff I Love: May 2017

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May has been a crazy month, I’ve been working a lot, blogging a lot and I finally seem to be settling into a better posting schedule for this site. I’ve posted not ONE, but TWO sponsored posts (Kids Email and Tips for Effective Project Management). I also had my first sponsored travel opportunity when hubby and I visited Bedell Cellars a couple of weeks ago.

Wow, May was crazy!

But I did have time to find a few new things I am digging this May. Here is my May Stuff I love list.

Stuff I Love: May 2017




I started taking Zumba at my local Crunch a few months ago. It has quickly become the best hour of my week! Now unfortunately, I can’t invite all of you readers to my local Zumba class, but I can encourage you to try it!

I love the music and energy at my Zumba class. It is intimidating to go for the first time, but if it’s a good group, it will be a welcoming class. The first class or two (or more if you are uncoordinated like me) you might be trying to figure out the steps. But don’t worry, no one is there to watch or judge you!

And if you feel like they are judging, look for another class ASAP!

Zumba is a great workout no matter your fitness level. You can take it easier or challenge yourself to jump more, jump higher or squat lower. It’s a great way to work up a sweat by dancing around to fun music!



The Girl Next Door Podcast

Podcasts aren’t new to my Stuff I love list. Back in September I was loving Serial and in November I wrote about how much I love The Mom Hour. I still listen to The Mom Hour every week, and it was on their podcast I heard about The Girl Next Door.

The Girl Next Door is actually two women, Erica and Kelsey who are real-life neighbors. They talk about parenting, life, stuff going on around their neighborhood and in each episode they mix up a new cocktail!

I’ve been alternating between The Mom Hour and The Girl Next Door when I am out for runs and doing stuff around the house. Check out an episode of The Girl Next Door, you will get hooked!



Pink Converse

Back in December, I wrote about how much I love my hightop Converse. Well, come spring and summer I am always in my pink Chucks. I love the pop of color they add to any outfit. Not to be cheesy, but the pink color just makes me happy! I’m also digging the shorts/ converse and dress/converse look!

Stuff I Love: May 2017
Pink shoes to take baby girl to her procedure. She did great!



Skinnygirl Margaritas

On Cinco de Mayo I wanted to mix up some margaritas, but I was low on time. So I picked up a bottle of Skinnygirl Margarita!

I used to drink Skinnygirl more often, and I do like to make my own margaritas, but I forgot how much I like Skinnygirl Margaritas. First of all they could not be simpler – just put the bottle in the fridge, open the bottle, pour over ice and viola! Margarita!

The Skinnygirl Margaritas taste great and are an easy alternative to my usual libations of wine (read about my favorite Chardonnay here) or Aperol (read how to make an Aperol Spritz here).


I am hoping that June brings some warmer temps! I cannot wait to hit the beach and pool! What have you been loving this month?




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32 Comments to “Stuff I Love: May 2017”

  1. Holy moly, didn’t know about the Skinny Girl Margarita, apparently i’ve been living in a hole or something.. lol I will definitely have to try it!
    Love love love your pink chucks!!

  2. I love hearing about new podcasts! I’ve listened to The Mom
    Hour a couple of times, on god recommendation 🙂 I just finished S-town and decidedly recommend it! Zumba is a blast. Aqua Zumba is also fun. I’ve done that several times while nursing a knee or ankle injury. It’s better on the joints 😉 although I was at least 25 years younger than everyone else in the class!

  3. I’ve tried Zumba, and it is HARD! A lot of people don’t see it as exercise, but it definitely pushes you. We have Just Dance on the Wii and it’s basically the same thing, especially if you go back-to-back songs for awhile! For May, I was able to head down to Sarasota for Memorial Day Weekend, and I was able to attend some graduation parties to congratulate some graduates!

  4. I am always on the lookout for recommended podcasts. Thank you for sharing about The Girl Next Door and The Mom Hour.

    Zumba – I am so rhythmically challenged that Zumba gave up on me 😛

  5. I need to check out both of those podcasts. I’m really loving podcasts right now. I listen to a variety of topics, but have just started to listen to parent/mom podcasts, so those will be perfect. Your pink converse are great!

  6. Zel

    I love Zumba too. It’s the most enjoyable exercise I have tried. But I tried doing Yoga these past few days. It’s not really very easy since I was just starting out but I found out I sweat more compared to all other fitness activities I have tried so far so I am trying to test myself to try to do it 1-2 hours everyday.

  7. Hi! I love pink as well! It makes me feel up!
    And I like Margaritas! Its my favorite cocktail although I don’t drink alcohol so much!You had a sponsored travel! It’s great thing!!

  8. You had me at converse and Zumba .. and podcasts so basically everything haha! I love my converse but I have the low tops and they are a children’s size lol! I have small feet. Zumba I have done so many times and love dancing away! It’s definitely a work out! And I listen to podcasts all the time especially while driving! Thank you for the recommendations ! I will definitely check them out. The neighbor podcast concept sounds so awesome !

  9. Kelly

    I love converse sneakers. they are my absolute favorite and the pink really pops. Thanks for sharing such cool stuff. I’ll have to check out that podcast. Sounds super cool.


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