Stuff I Love: December 2016

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Happy New Year and welcome to my final 2016 Stuff I Love: December edition. I had a great holiday season; I so love that time between Thanksgiving and the New Year. We had some great travels, Maine, North Carolina and Atlantic City but also enjoyed our local festivities. It felt like quite a whirlwind and now onward to 2017!

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What I am loving this last month of the year, December 2016. Star Shower projector (holiday GAME CHANGER), funky chucks and an awesome North Face.

Stuff I Love: December 2016

StarShower Projector

Now I am only going to write about one Christmas-y thing for December. I love the holidays, but we don’t have a ton of holiday home décor. We have a small (6 foot) artificial tree that we decorate with our homemade ornaments and souvenirs from our travels. We hang our stockings on the banister with some lighted garland. We enjoy sitting in our living room by the lighted tree and stairs. It’s beautiful and cozy.

But since moving to a house in 2013, I have never been a great outside decorator. We would put up a wreath and however many strands of lights we had that actually worked. Usually 2 or 3 around the door. It looked pretty pathetic, really.

Last year my neighbor had his whole house lit up with these beautiful lights. I thought wow, what a Clark Griswold thinking he must have spent an entire day putting up all of those lights on his house! But then I realized the lights were coming off several projectors he had on his lawn!

So this year I vowed to do the same. I bought one StarShower projector and it covered almost our entire house. I am going to buy a second for next Christmas.

P.S. They are on amazon for half the price I paid at Bed, Bath and Beyond! Gobble them up now!

Setting this up could not have been easier. You plug it in (you probably will need an outdoor extension cord), then stake it in the ground and that is it. You don’t even need to turn it on and off. It goes on when its dark, and off when its light. You can set it to just project little dots on the house, or you can activate the motion where the dots move and swirl around.

This was such a game changer for us, I felt like this year we finally had a nicely decorated house! It’s such a simple and easy idea! Why can’t I think of these things?



Platform Converse

Now I am a big fan of dressing comfortably. But I do like to have a little bit of style. So last year when I came across these sneakers, I was so excited to add them to my winter wardrobe.

What I am loving this last month of the year, December 2016. Star Shower projector (holiday GAME CHANGER), funky chucks and an awesome North Face.

I love these shoes, the Chuck Taylor Platform Plus sneakers. First of all they are super comfortable. But they add that little pop of style to even running around town in leggings and a flannel. On our recent trip to Atlantic City I wore them around all day, then went hipster cool pairing them with my black pants and going out top evening outfit. I even wore them on Christmas Eve with my funny, long Santa socks, and a Meowy Christmas sweater.


The North Face Gotham Parka

Prior to last winter I was wearing the same Benetton winter jacket since 1997. I loved that jacket, but it wasn’t the warmest and it was getting a little worn. Plus I thought my husband might have disowned me if I spent one more winter wearing that old coat. So I headed to Bloomingdales, hit a sale and came out with this awesome jacket.

I love the long puffy coat look. This North Face Parka is surprisingly fitted and has some shape. It’s also super warm. It zips way up and has a great hood – perfect for me because I hate wearing hats and scarves (and I don’t have to with his jacket). If you are in the market for a new winter jacket, I highly recommend this one. Stylish and warm, what better combination?

What I am loving this last month of the year, December 2016. Star Shower projector (holiday GAME CHANGER), funky chucks and an awesome North Face.

What did you love this past December?


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  1. When I first saw the starshower projector thing I thought it was kind of silly, but then I realized how awesome it is! Now I want to see if I can go snag one (or five!) on sale. They just save so much time! 🙂


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