Considering we just survived a BombCyclone and the latest Polar Vortex, its safe to say winter is here. Even though I’m longing for a trip to my favorite local beach, I’m accepting the fact that its time to stay indoors. Now if you are over staying in you own house, I mean how many hours can one spend playing xbox? check out this list of the best Long Island indoor activities.

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Photo credit: terryballard on Best Running / CC BYPhoto credit: Joe Shlabotnik on Best Running / CC BY-NC-SA


Not local? No problem, take these ideas and look for similar experiences in your area. Need help finding something , reach out in the comments!


The Best Indoor Activities on Long Island

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I feel a little bad because my son has been asking to go skiing for about four years (he is obsessed with Wii-Ski). But to me, a slight form of torture involves spending hard earned vacation money (and time) to spend more time in the cold. You all know I am a beach girl, and seek warm weather all winter long. But today, Claire is presenting both sides of the coin with her tips on how to plan your winter getaway like a pro!

And just maybe she will convince me that this is the year to in fact take little man to the slopes!

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Photo by Sandra Mode on Unsplash, Photo by James Connolly on Unsplash


How to Plan Your Winter Getaway 

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About Me

Just popping in to wish you and your family the happiest of holidays!

I plan to do a full 2017 recap next week (and look back at this year’s travel goals) while thinking ahead to 2018. But I am excited to see a full return to blogging after the new year. You might have noticed its been a little quiet around here these past two months!

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Stuff I Love

This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small percentage of the sale without any cost to you. I only link to items I truly recommend and I thank you in advance for your support of Momma To Go.


Happy New Year and welcome to my final 2016 Stuff I Love: December edition. I had a great holiday season; I so love that time between Thanksgiving and the New Year. We had some great travels, Maine, North Carolina and Atlantic City but also enjoyed our local festivities. It felt like quite a whirlwind and now onward to 2017!

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What I am loving this last month of the year, December 2016. Star Shower projector (holiday GAME CHANGER), funky chucks and an awesome North Face.

Stuff I Love: December 2016

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Stuff I Love

I know I keep saying this, but I literally just sat down to write last month’s post and here it is time for a November Stuff I love!

November flew by. I was exceptionally busy trying to settle into my new role as Stay-At-Home-Mom, and Work-at-Home-Mom/blogger. I also got back on the educational horse so to speak and starting subbing at the awesome school I worked at 10 years ago. I also picked up a tutoring student who I am with three times a week. So yeah, keeping busy!


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Stuff I Love: November 2016. The Mom Hour (podcast), Under Armour fleece running headband, Bath and Body Works Balsam candle and Chateau Saint Michelle Chardonnay.

Stuff I Love: November 2016

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