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In the summer of 2020 we had the unique experience of getting to visit Jekyll Island Georgia – not once, but TWICE! This southeastern Georgia island is an amazing beach vacation destination with so much to do, amazing beaches, and beautiful resorts. Keep reading to find out how to plan your Jekyll Island Georgia Beach vacation.

Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island Georgia – A Perfect Family Beach Vacation

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It’s my favorite time of year – oh wait that’s summer. Okay my favorite time of the non-summer part of the year – time for our annual family trip to Southwest Florida! Long time readers know that’s my happy place. I mean there are so many great things to do in Naples, fun stuff in Ft. Myers and so many unique things to do in Southwest Florida. But do you know what I really love about this area – the beaches. Some of the best in the world, and right here in the good ol’ USA. Which is why as I start packing my swimsuit and sunscreen, I am so excited to give you this list of the best beaches in Naples Florida.

Best Beaches in Naples Florida

The Best Beaches in Naples Florida

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Last summer, I was with my cousins heading out from Raleigh for a day at Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Upon arriving at Carolina Beach, we could not find any parking, so we kept heading south until we stumbled up the cutest beach town called Kure Beach. The beach was picture perfect (like straight out of the Caribbean), and the houses were so cute! This town is totally out of an HGTV beach show! Right then and there I said, “Next summer we are renting a house here” and last week, that’s exactly what we did!

Kure Beach, North Carolina

Planning Your Kure Beach Vacation

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I love where we live – especially in the summer months. Honestly, there isn’t too much of a need to plan big getaways, there is so much to do here on Long Island! But even though I have lived here almost my whole life, there was one place I was really hoping to get to this summer! So a few weekends ago we took a Fire Island Day Trip!

Fire Island Day Trip | Day Trip to Fire Island, New York | Long Island | Beach | Summer | ferry | getaway | Fire Island NY | Ocean Beach | NYC Day Trip | NYC Day Trip things to do

Photo credit: Vito Fun via VisualHunt / CC BY

Plan Your Fire Island Day Trip

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48 Hours in...

One of my most popular posts is my 48 Hours in … Atlantic City recap of our winter trip to the city by the sea. Atlantic City is one of our family’s favorite destinations, and I have been going there since I was a kid. I know it well and always have fun! And on this recent trip, I didn’t even gamble! There was no time! There were so many other great things to do!

If you have never been, Atlantic City is located about 90 miles south of New York City and about an hour east of Philadelphia. There is a small airport nearby, but is most easily accessed by car. Atlantic City is a boardwalk town on a barrier island, meaning there is an ocean beach to the east and a bay to the west. One of the big attractions is the casinos, but especially in recent years the big hotels have begun to offer other amenities besides gaming. And in the summer, the beach is always fun! So come with me for ANOTHER 48 Hours in… Atlantic City.

Another 48 Hours in... Atlantic City. Where to stay, where to eat and what to do! A great summer family getaway. #atlanticcity #newjersey #travel #familytravel


Another 48 Hours in… Atlantic City

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I’m pretty reserved, and normally wouldn’t brag about being an expert in anything but one thing I can say I have down pat!

Beach Packing.

I am definitely an expert in getting a family ready for the beach and on to the sand!

Little man has a March birthday, and I started taking him to the beach his very first summer. When he was 5 months old, we spent a week at the Outer Banks with #thegirlfriends. We are so lucky to travel often to Atlantic City, NJ and Naples, FL; and to have spent last August in Hawaii. But we are even luckier that we live a 10-minute drive from an Atlantic Ocean beach!

We love hitting the beach as a family, and here are our Beach Vacation must haves for any family beach trip!

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Beach Vacation Must Haves. Everything your family needs for a beach vacation or day trip to the beach! ! Best Beach Packing Tips and Beach Vacation Packing List #Beach #family #travel #Beach #Summer #FamilyVacation #BeachVacation

Beach Vacation Must Haves

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It’s been over a year since we have traveled to Hawaii and not a day goes by where we don’t talk about that trip! It was truly amazing in every way you dream about a 3-week trip to this magical state. For me, the biggest highlight of the vacation was the incredible Big Island beaches.

A vacation to Hawaii took a lot of planning and I wanted to get the most out of our time on each island. I am so indebted to all the great blogs I read (check out my Hawaii Pinterest board for all things Aloha) and as always to Fodor’s Hawaii  for helping me plan our activities. I am so excited to share our best tips and help other folks plan their awesome Hawaiian adventures! Since launching this site, I have written about the best Maui activities, and a great itinerary if you are traveling the Road to Hana. In this post I am excited to share the best Big Island beaches.

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The Best Big Island Beaches | Big Island | Hawaii | Hawaii with Kids | Things to do in Hawaii | Best Beaches in Hawaii | Travel with Kids to Hawaii | Family Vacation to Hawaii | Best Big Island Beaches | Big Island Hawaii Kona | Big Island Things to do | Hawaii Vacation | Hawaii Travel Tips | Hawaii Travel Guide | Hawaii Vacation Tips | Hawaii Vacation Big Island #Hawaii #FamilyTravel

The Best Big Island Beaches

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I am so excited to have our first guest poster! This is a guest post by Claire Hastings, designer and style writer from Australia. She has been writing as long as she can remember. She is also an eternal enthusiast, cat lover and regular contributor at


You can follow her on twitter.


Ever since my first sleepover when I was in elementary school, I’ve been working on my packing skills. Over the years, I was lucky enough to travel often to different destinations and for different reasons: sleepovers at friend’s house in another city, going to music festivals with friends, holidays with my boyfriend, and surprise trips to the beach in the middle of the day. Needless to say, I’ve perfected my packing technique and today I can pack everything I need in a blink of an eye. Still, it doesn’t matter where I’m headed, there are some things I can’t live (and leave) without.

Wanderer's Fashion Basics: A weekend away, beach essentials, festival wear, Guest Post on

Wanderer’s Fashion Basics

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In case you haven’t realized, we love to travel! And the question I often get is how we can afford to do so many great things? Especially with regards to our three-week trip to Hawaii. Well as always, I managed to plan this vacation to Hawaii on a budget, and I’m excited to share my best Hawaii money saving tips with you.

Hawaii on a budget

How to Vacation to Hawaii on a Budget

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