The Best Family Beach Vacation Destinations

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I am so excited to be hosting our Family Travel Bloggers collaboration- the best family beach vacations around the world. You all know I love my beach vacations – Florida, Atlantic City, Hawaii! And of course I love sharing my best beach essentials! So I am super excited to be sharing  all these great family beach vacation destinations!

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The Best Family Beach Destinations

If you are looking for a beach getaway for your family, there are so many great places to go- fitting every travel style and budget. When you are looking to plan your next beach vacation, be sure to reach out. I am a full-service travel planner and plan MANY family beach vacations! Be it to Florida, an all-inclusive like in Mexico, Antigua, Grenada, or beach trips to Australia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, I do it all. And the best part is, my services are completely FREE to the traveler! So keep reading for inspiration, then be in touch to get started planning your next amazing beach vacation!

Best  Family Beach Destinations in the US

Kure Beach, North Carolina

Kure Beach North Carolina

We spent a week in Kure Beach, North Carolina and we loved it for several reasons. First of all its very affordable to rent a beach house in the area. We traveled with 12 family members and had a condo right on the beach! And speaking of beach, the beach is so beautiful – white sand, clean, and not crowded!

In Kure Beach, you can spend your days relaxing in the sand, swimming in the ocean, trying out some local water sports, or there are plenty of fun things to do in the area. There is a civil war fort, aquarium, and boardwalk with rides all nearby! The town of Kure Beach is about 2.5 hours from Raleigh making it a quicker drive than some of the other NC beaches!

by Harmony, Momma To Go


Navarre Beach, Florida

Best Family Beach Destinations | Travel Bloggers | Travel Bloggers | Family Vacation Planning | Family Beach Trip | Family Beach Tips #family #travel #familytravel #beach

Until recently, Navarre Beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast was known to locals as “Florida’s best kept secret.” However, the secret is out and tourists are catching on to Navarre Beach as one of the best family destinations in Florida.

In between Destin and Pensacola Beach, Navarre offers plenty of family-friendly activities without the crowds and traffic seen in the more widely known neighboring beaches. Besides swimming in crystal clear waters that the Emerald Coast is known for, visitors can also walk down or fish off the pier, search for seashells on the beach, catch a glimpse of the area’s famous sea life including dolphins, whales, and manatees, visit Navarre’s sea turtle conservation center, or rent kayaks, jet skis, or stand up paddleboards.

This quiet community also offers free movies and free outdoor concerts on the beach every Wednesday and Thursday night during the summer months. There are plenty of family-oriented restaurants around the area as well, including Sailors Grill, which offers stunning beachfront views of the sun setting over the ocean, live music, volleyball nets and tournaments, and a playground where kids can play in the sand while you want for your food.

Navarre is one of my family’s favorite Florida beach destinations, and not just because we are lucky enough to live here. You will be hard-pressed to find another beach in the States that offers these stunning waters without fighting for a spot to lay or play on the beach.

by: Christina from Littles Life and Laughter


Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz California | California Vacation | California Road Trip |Santa Cruz Boardwalk | Things to do in California | Family Travel California | Family Vacation |Amusement Parks | Santa Cruz California Beaches | California Travel with Kids #California #SantaCruz #Travel #FamilyTravel

I spent three summers working in Santa Cruz and loved every minute of exploring this quirky California beach town! I was so excited to return recently with my two kids. Needless to say, we had a blast out in Santa Cruz!

Santa Cruz is about an hour south of San Francisco and right on the bay. The beaches are gorgeous, although the water in this part of the Pacific Ocean is pretty cold year round. I did surf school here, but had to wear a full wet-suit.

Our family’s favorite part about visiting Santa Cruz was the boardwalk and amusement park right on the beach! Great rides, fun food, all with amazing views!

After your day riding the rides (including the historic wooden coaster, Giant Dipper) be sure to walk around town and check out the cool shops, coffee bars, and restaurants!

On our visit to Santa Cruz, we stayed at the Hotel Paradox, which I highly recommend. I loved the mid-century California decor and the pool area was amazing. We loved the giant hot tub, perfect for those cool California nights!

Definitely make Santa Cruz a stop on your next California trip – your family will love visiting here!

by Harmony, Momma To Go


Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Best Family Beach Destinations | Travel Bloggers | Travel Bloggers | Family Vacation Planning | Family Beach Trip | Family Beach Tips #family #travel #familytravel #beach

As you drive into Rehoboth Beach, DE., a sign greets you letting you know this is “The Nation’s Summer Capital.” Yup. Think the Hamptons for the Washington, D.C. crowd.  Rehoboth Beach is located about a two and half hour drive from Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
Rehoboth Beach is unlike other beach towns. There are not a lot of hotels. You need to rent a house. The town is a series of cottages and estate-like retreats. If you are looking for a beach rental check here.
Rehoboth Beach is a foodie’s town. You cannot go wrong with almost any restaurant you pick. If you are traveling with kids, try The Greene Turtle. It has ocean views and food the kids will love. Warm Bavarian pretzels are my kids’ favorite. Grandpa Mac, which offers made-to-order pasta, is sure to please the little ones.
Rehoboth Beach has a lot to offer families. You can swim. You can rent bicycles right on the boardwalk at Atlantic Cycles. You can see a musical at Clear Space Theatre. Each summer, the theatre brings in actors and actresses from New York City to perform shows such as “A Chorus Line,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “Legally Blonde.”
No trip to Rehoboth Beach would be complete without visiting Funland. Funland has it all: Skee ball, bumper cars, a haunted mansion, Superflip and boats and similar rides for smaller kids.  If you have multiple kids, Funland is a bargain.
by:  Sharon from Discovering Delmarva

Best Family Beach Destinations in the Caribbean

St. John, US Virgin Islands

Best Family Beach Destinations | Travel Bloggers | Travel Bloggers | Family Vacation Planning | Family Beach Trip | Family Beach Tips #family #travel #familytravel #beach
St. John, US Virgin Island at Trunk Bay.

Anyone who has ever gone to the US Virgin Islands can agree – the USVI’s have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White sand, blue sky, and calm blue water so warm it’s like bathwater. Which makes it one of the best family vacation destinations in the world.

St. John island is unique in that 3/4ths of it is a National Park. Because it is so unspoiled, the beaches are spectacular. The island has well over 20 beaches to choose from. Beaches of note are Cinnamon Bay, Trunk Bay, Maho Bay and Soloman Bay. Two small, adorable towns are on the island. Cruz Bay and Coral Bay. The entire island can be covered with a jeep tour, enabling a family to explore beaches, hiking trails and little shops. Snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving and day trips to the British Virgin Islands are available everywhere.

We have been to St John twice. Our last vacation there was an extended family vacation with Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents and children. Our kids are still talking about it two years later. We stayed at Caneel Bay Resort, and every morning we were greeted to the sound of singing birds, lapping waves and a spectacular breakfast buffet. Cannel Bay itself has seven beaches to choose from. Families can rest easy with their young children playing at the edge of the water by themselves. The water is unbelievably calm and clear. The sand is so soft that sand castle building is a big hit!

Two resorts – the Westin and Caneel Bay – reside on the island. In addition to those, there are numerous condo and villa rentals. The beauty, friendly people, and size of St. John make it one of the best family vacation destinations in the world.

by: Melissa from The Roaming Family.


Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica

Best Family Beach Destinations | Travel Bloggers | Travel Bloggers | Family Vacation Planning | Family Beach Trip | Family Beach Tips #family #travel #familytravel #beach

Playa Avellanas, located in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica is a spectacular destination for families.    Not far from the Tamarindo area of Guanacaste Province, Playa Avellanas is worth a day trip at the very least.   Just 30 minutes south of Tamarindo by car, Playa Avellanas is quickly becoming a favorite beach in Costa Rica on the Pacific Coast.

There are six reasons why Playa Avellanas is a great place for families; gentle surf, long private coastline, shade, delicious eats at Lola’s, Lolita the Pig and clean bathrooms.  Our kids loved the gentle surf and easy rolling waves.  It was perfect for beginner boogie boarders or just splashing in the waves.  The long picturesque coastline was a perfect place for a long walk.  There were plenty of trees along the coast that provided natural shade and a break from the sun.  We even found hammocks hanging in the trees for an ideal spot to relax.

Lola’s Beachfront Restaurant was a gem of a find and it was so convenient not having to pack all our food for the day.  Plan to sit out in their open air seating restaurant and enjoy a plate of fish tacos or pizza.  Lolita the Pig has been welcoming guests at this beach for some time and a day in Playa Avellanas wouldn’t be complete without a picture with Lolita.  Last, but not least, a good and clean bathroom is a great perk when enjoying a day at the beach.  The bathrooms here were fantastic; modern and clean!  Our family loved our day at Playa Avellanas and we can’t wait to visit again.

Looking for a family friendly all-inclusive in Costa Rica? Then check out Planet Hollywood Beach Resort!

by: Dianne at OurEdVentures


Best Family Beach Destinations Around the World

Sanur Beach, Bali

Best Family Beach Destinations | Travel Bloggers | Travel Bloggers | Family Vacation Planning | Family Beach Trip | Family Beach Tips #family #travel #familytravel #beach

Sanur Beach in Bali may not be as well known as the world famous Kuta and Seminyak beaches, but when searching for the best family beach destination in Bali, Sanur Beach should not be overlooked.

The biggest turn off about Kuta and Seminyak is just how dirty the beaches and water were.  There is nothing worse than walking through the water and feeling numerous pieces of rubbish getting tangled around your legs.  Yuck!  We all know kids love to play in and get covered in sand, but do you really want them playing in filth?  Instead take your family to Sanur beach where the beach is much cleaner and more importantly, the calm shallow water is a lot safer for the kids to swim in.

Another great thing about Sanur beach is the 4km long coastal walk.  It is such a long stretch of beach you are guaranteed to find a shady tree or a stretch of beach to make your own.  The coastal walk also boasts loads of cafes and restaurants on the beachfront that have a super relaxed vibe.  We absolutely loved spending time at a beachfront restaurant while our kids played in the sand or swam in the shallow water.  All these reasons make Sanur Beach a great choice for families visiting Bali.

by: David from The World & Us


Victor Harbor, South Australia

Best Family Beach Destinations | Travel Bloggers | Travel Bloggers | Family Vacation Planning | Family Beach Trip | Family Beach Tips #family #travel #familytravel #beach

Coming from the beautiful island of Australia, we are somewhat blessed by the coastline of our country. Some of the coastline is inaccessible to humans, good only for marveling at the power of the waves and being awestruck by its beauty. Whereas much of the coastline is a haven for swimmers, surfers, body boarders, divers, and even the occasional seal, shark or whale.

I, myself, grew up in the beautiful southern seaside town of Victor Harbor, South Australia. A small town, or was, when I was growing up, surrounded by farm land, and the ocean, where the population doubles with every school vacation or national holiday. Everyone has heard about the Gold Coast, the Great Barrier Reef and even Bondi and Manly, but to me, those beaches don’t hold a candle to the ones found on the Fleurieu Peninsula, surrounding Victor Harbor.

Middleton beach is not only a relaxing haven for families every summer (and Easter, and winter) but it also holds surf schools, which, if you are in the area, are brilliant for adults and kids alike. Waitpinga and Boomer Beaches are also incredibly popular with surfers.

There’s also swimming (seaweed free in front of the Victor Harbor Yacht Club up to the Granite Island Jetty). Encounter Bay (which historically was where the whaling boats used to come into the bay) is perfect for crabbing in the rock pools. Aldinga beach isn’t far away and you can even drive your car right onto the sand. Goolwa Beach is perfect to if you are wanting to look for cockles and or build sandcastles. Horseshoe Bay is where the local Surf Lifesaving Club meets and is a patrolled beach. Not only that but Horseshoe Bay also backs onto the local caravan and camping park, perfect for the long weekend camping.

Victor Harbor is a beautiful town, but the beaches – they are a family adventure.

by ArgeyMom from Lots of Planets Have a North


Tel Aviv, Israel
Best Family Beach Destinations | Travel Bloggers | Travel Bloggers | Family Vacation Planning | Family Beach Trip | Family Beach Tips #family #travel #familytravel #beach

What’s our favorite beach in the world? I’ll answer based on the one to which our family always longs to return. If you ask the kids where they want to go on our next vacation, the answer is almost always the same: back to Israel, specifically to Tel Aviv and our beach-side apartment there.

We love the beach in Tel Aviv because it’s such a hub for life. You’ll find anyone and everyone spending Friday afternoon building sand castles, walking in the warm shallows, playing matkot and more. There’s even a pop-up library cart carrying books in five languages! When you’re hungry, drop into one of the many falafel shops situated right on the beach for lunch and an ice cold drink. We also love the convenience – there are so many beach chairs and umbrellas available for just a few dollars each for visitors; by contrast, the only place to find those amenities at our beaches in Los Angeles is at pricey private clubs!

The other reason we love the beach in Tel Aviv is its close integration with a major city. From our apartment, we could walk five minutes in one direction for a day at the beach, but then five minutes the other direction would take us to shopping districts, significant historical sites, cultural venues and top-notch restaurants. A visit to Tel Aviv doesn’t force you into a “beach holiday” but gives you the flexibility to combine an awesome beach with so much more!

by Melissa from The Family Voyage


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  1. Thanks for including us in your article ?
    Some great locations here!
    I can also back up ArgeyMom’s choice of Victor Harbour. Beautiful small town with access to quite a few beautiful beaches plus Granite Island is a fun place to explore.

  2. I love the US Virgin Islands beaches, we just visited there on a cruise! It was gorgeous! However, as a Florida local, I must *add* Clearwater Beach to your list! It was just voted #1 beach and it’s STUNNING! If you get the chance, come visit the Florida west coast for a fun family beach vacation!

  3. These beaches are gorgeous! I really want to go to all of them! I will probably have to start with Navarre Beach since it is so close. Living in Missouri, we’re pretty excited to make it to any beach!

  4. I’ve lived near the beach my whole life and we’ve done a lot of beach vacations. Yet, I’ve not done any of these beaches! I need to get on the stick, lol! A couple I would add to the list – Cape Hatteras, NC and Sanibel, FL (or almost anywhere on the west coast of Florida)

  5. I loves this post my blog now is transitioning from baking to travel and family blog. This is great I would love to so something like this..beautiful beaches we should work on something together i just came from Puerto Rico and the beaches there are breathtaking!! Great article!

  6. Sanur Beach ranks high on my bucket-list. There’s so much to do there. My favourite beach in the world would be the ones at Perhentian Islands, Malaysia and Timang Beach at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Cheers!!

  7. Jeffrey’s Bay offers travellers a chance to explore the beautiful scenery of the East Coast of South Africa. With so many activities and things to do one can’t get bored. One of the activities I find most interesting & fun is the Supertubes surfing competition and welcoming the flock of people from all over the world. There are tons of accommodation options available but one place I found to be particularly brilliant was Supertubes Guest House-overlooking Supertubes Beach.

  8. Kelly

    Oh wow! Such a great list. I would have never thought of Tel Aviv for great beaches. And its nice to see Rhehobeth on the list since its so close to home!!

  9. There are some really interesting locations on this list! I love St. John’s beaches, so I am sure these others are a hit too! But just to make sure, I need to visit them all…


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