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In these crazy quarantine times, I’ve been watching a ton of movies! I mean what else to do since I’m not traveling? Since the news is so heavy, and life at home can be hard, we have been leaning towards comedic, lighthearted, fun movies to escape the weight of our everyday quarantine lives. So, I decided to share with you all a list of my favorite comedy movies that inspire travel.

Travel Comedy Movies

The 16 Best Comedy Movies to Inspire Travel

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Hi friends. First and foremost, I hope everyone is okay, at home reading this, dreaming of the day this nightmare is over and they can get down to planning their next vacation. Stay home, stay safe and lets ride this out so we can get back to life! But I wanted to pop on here and create an informative post based on many of the questions I have been receiving from clients and friends regarding travel and vacation plans in the light of the uncertainties regarding the global pandemic we are now facing.

Spring 2020 Travel

I will be updating this post as need be. Last Updated 5/5/2020


A Spring 2020 Travel Update from a Travel Professional

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‘Tis the season for travel… oh wait, I mean gift giving! Since we are a traveling family, I always think to get practical gifts for my kids that they can use on our many adventures. I always ask for travel related items as well. Of course, I value experiences over things and somehow plane tickets ALWAYS end up in my stocking! Since we are well-versed in travel and I love sharing the best travel stuff, I’m so excited to share my best gifts for traveling families.

The Best Gifts for Traveling Families

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A few months ago, the Momma To Go Family took an amazing 7-day Holland America Cruise aboard the ms Veendam. We travel a lot, and for us, this was a true vacation! But because we were hitting the high seas (without a Wal-Mart around the corner) I really, really spent a lot of time researching everything we needed to bring! And it is true, if you realize mid-cruise you need something, you are either going to be out of luck, or have to pay a premium in the cruise gift shop. We ended up having everything we needed (and not much more) so I am so excited to share with you my cruise packing list and the best cruise packing hacks!

Cruise packing hacks and cruise packing list Things to pack for a cruise. A guide to cruise outfits, what you need for your stateroom and everything that will make your cruise so much fun! #Cruise #Vacation #PackingTips #CruiseHacks #CruisePacking #FamilyTravel #Travel #VacationPlanning


Cruise Packing List and Cruise Packing Hacks

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As my readers know, I am always planning my next trip! I do love the planning process and putting the pieces of a trip together, but I also love the prospect of a one-stop shop. Last year, we took a big 3-week trip to Hawaii, which was really our first big adventure. The kids and I just spent two weeks driving to SW Florida (and back) so now I am thinking about something BIG for late summer 2018.


Easy Booking with Westjet Exclusives | Where should we go on our next trip? | Vacation Planning Tips | Summer Vacation Planning | Save Money on Travel | How to book a package deal | How to book a European tour | How to book a cruise | Websites for saving money on travel | Booking a travel package #Travel #familyTravel #TravelTips

Where should we head this summer?

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I hate winter, so to combat the long stretch of cold ahead, I decided to book a fall Florida getaway with baby girl. We love visiting Orlando – both to escape the cold and to visit our Florida cousins. Every time we visit Orlando, we always find new things to do! On this recent trip, we spent a day at Legoland Florida and a day at Aquatica Orlando, so we wanted some indoor fun, so we decided to check out the Orlando Crayola Experience!

Orlando Crayola Experience | The best of Orlando Florida | Things to do in Orlando Florida | Florida Vacation Planning | Florida Family Travel | Orlando Florida with Toddlers | Orlando Florida with Kids | Orlando Florida with preschoolers | Indoor Activities Florida | Florida Activities with Kids #Florida #Orlando #Crayola

Orlando Crayola Experience

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About Me, Travel

It feels so cliché to say I can’t believe 2017 is coming to a close, but it’s so true! I literally just sat down to write my 2016 travel recap and yeah, here it is a year later!

Despite a crazy, three-week long sickness, and working my tail off in the later part of this year, 2017 has been very good to me. Especially travel-wise. Which is definitely not coincidental. I have been on a mission to create the life I want to live – doing things I enjoy both personally and professionally. Which certainly includes the flexibility to be on the go!

Work-wise I continued to grow my math tutoring business, I worked all summer at camp and had the best time! Writing and creating this site has taught me so much, and I hope to really expand Momma To Go in 2018. My plan is to set some goals and get myself in a better working schedule balancing writing, social sharing and updating old posts. I’ve been learning more and more about SEO and hope to do some writing outside of Momma To Go!

Last year, at this same time, I recapped my 2016 travel year. A year, which brought a three-week trip to Hawaii, was hard to top, but we tried! So here is my 2017 Travel Year in Review!

2017 Travel Recap | Travel Year in Review | Travel Goals | Family Travel | Family Travel Tips | Family Vacation Planning | Florida Vacation Planning | 2017 Year in Review | #FamilyTravel #Travel

2017 Travel Recap:

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48 Hours in..., Travel

Back in 2003, I applied to work at an academic summer camp. I’m a math teacher after all. The application brochure came my way and one thing about the camp peeked my interest…


There was a site location in Honolulu, Hawaii.

So I applied for that.

And I was hired!

But when my paper work arrived, no Hawaii. I was slated to work somewhere in California called Santa Cruz.

Figuring I must have put California as my second choice site location, I then needed to figure out where the heck Santa Cruz was! Little did I know I would be spending the best three summers of my life in this funny, California beach town.

Last August I finally returned to this town I loved. I could not wait to revisit, reminisce and bring my kids to Santa Cruz. And I am beyond excited to share all the great food, hotels and things to do in Santa Cruz with the Momma To Go readers!

Things to do in Santa Cruz California | California Vacation | California Road Trip |Santa Cruz Boardwalk | Things to do in California | Family Travel California | Family Vacation |Amusement Parks | Santa Cruz California Beaches | California Travel with Kids | Santa Cruz with Kids #California #SantaCruz #Travel #FamilyTravel

24 Hours in… Santa Cruz, California

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Our family loves Uber. We take it around town, to the airport, or when mom & dad are going out and there will be too much wine involved. It’s an easy, affordable way to ditch the car and have a comfortable ride at your fingertips. Uber is also a great way to get around a new city! No need to worry about parking or traffic, and no need to navigate an unfamiliar, local, taxi system. The beauty of Uber is you know the price (or at least approximately) when you call the car, eliminating the age-old saga of taxi drivers ripping off tourists. Did you know you can save money on EVERY Uber ride, and maybe even score an {almost} free uber ride? Keep reading to find out how!

Free Uber Ride | Uber Money Saving Tip! This tip allowed me to take a 14 CENT Uber ride! Money Saving Tips | Travel Tips | Travel Money Saving Tips | Vacation Tips | Save Money | Grocery Money Saving Tips | Grocery Shopping on a Budget #travel #moneysaving #budget #Uber

How to Earn an {almost} Free Uber Ride

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Last summer, our clan was so fortunate to take three weeks to head to Hawaii. My husband had a month-sabbatical and to be honest, Australia was the original destination for this adventure. Last summer, with a four and seven year old, who had never ventured further than the Caribbean, we knew it wasn’t our time to go down under.

Oh but a trip to Oz is always on my mind. And we will get there someday! I want to dip my feet in the Indian Ocean, experience the Outback and lay on the beaches of the Gold Coast.  And no trip to Australia would be complete without venturing to the big cities! Since I still haven’t been, Claire (Australian native) is sharing with us her top 3 reasons to visit Melbourne with kids.

3 reasons to visit Melbourne with kids, written by an Australian native | Family Travel | Family Trip to Australia | Family Trip to Melbourne | Things to do in Melbourne | Things to do in Melbourne with Kids | Melbourne Activities | Melbourne Australia | Melbourne with Children | Melbourne with a toddler #travel #familytravel #Australia #Melbourne

Photo credit: 3B’s via Visualhunt / CC BY

3 Reasons to Visit Melbourne With Kids

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