Everything you Need to Know about the MSC Yacht Club

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MSC is the largest cruise company in Europe, and other parts of the world, and in the last 5 years, this cruise line has been trying to break into the North American market. MSC offers gorgeous ships, exotic itineraries at a fantastic price for all guests, but they also have perfected the ship within a ship experience with their yacht club. This is mass market cruising at its absolute best, and I’m excited to introduce you to MSC’s yacht club.

MSC Yacht Club

Everything you Need to Know about the MSC Yacht Club


MSC offers a variety of rooms that include the yacht club experience- from interior cabins to royal suites, these rooms come with incredible perks that will elevate your cruise vacation.

I recently sailed on the MSC Grandiosa, in a duplex whirlpool yacht club suite. We sailed in the Mediterranean out of Barcelona, which was just incredible! I loved the yacht club and am excited to share more with you.

Harmony Skillman, Your MSC Yacht Club Travel Agent

Where are the MSC Yacht Club rooms located?

The MSC yacht club does require key card access- although not all yacht club rooms are behind the yacht club doors.

On the MSC Grandiosa, our duplex suite was located on deck 12, among the regular rooms. But most of the yacht club rooms are located within the private yacht club area, which on our ship was on decks 15 – 19.

One of the nice things about the MSC yacht club, is that interior cabins are offered- this is a great way to experience the MSC yacht club, at a lower price point.

MSC Yacht Club Interior Room

For families, I love the larger yacht club suites that can accommodate 4 guests. The duplex suite we had was amazing. Over 600 square feet, which is larger than two balcony rooms and for what it’s worth, I paid less for this yacht club experience than two Central Park view cabins on the Icon of the Seas.

We also had two full bathrooms, a living room, dining room, and balcony whirlpool tub.



MSC Yacht Club Duplex Whirlpool Suite on the MSC Grandiosa
We loved this duplex whirlpool suite

MSC Yacht Club Duplex Whirlpool Suite

What does MSC Yacht Club Include?

Besides having the amazing suites, what else is included with your MSC yacht club stay?

MSC Yacht club guests have a dedicated butler to assist with everything you need. When it’s time to get on or off the ship, they escort you, and you skip all lines.

MSC Yacht Club Butler

Room service and pizza delivery are included, and your butler brings everything to your room.

There is also nightly turn down service, and robes/slippers provided in your cabin.

When you book into the MSC yacht club, the drink package is included for all guests, as well as browse WIFI for two devices per guest. That’s an amazing value!

Yacht club guests (age 18+) have unlimited access to the hydrotherapy circuit at the Aurea spa. Hubby and I loved indulging in this!

On the ship, MSC Yacht club guests have a dedicated pool and sun deck, with a small buffet open for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. At the Yacht Club pool, there is a bar and pool side drink service as well.

MSC Yacht Club Pool on the MSC Seascape
MSC Yacht Club Pool on the MSC Seascape

For dining, no stress – MSC Yacht club guests have a dedicated ala carte restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food here was great, as was the service.

MSC Yacht Club Restaurant

Lastly, the MSC Topsail lounge is a great spot to grab a snack, drink, and listen to music each evening. They always have a small buffet of treats, continental breakfast, or appetizers available.

MSC Yacht Club topsail lounge
MSC Euribia, MSC Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge

Not having to deal with crowds, and top service is what the MSC yacht club experience is all about! And I have to say, compared to the price of similar experiences like the Haven on Norwegian Cruise Line, suites on Royal Caribbean, or the Retreat on Celebrity Cruise Line you CANNOT beat the price point of the MSC Yacht Club.


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Long Island Travel Agent

MSC Yacht Club

MSC Yacht Club Tips

You will want for nothing as an MSC yacht club guest, but here are some tips to maximize your time on board.

Visit the Topsail lounge on deck 16, for snacks, a great bar, and piano player/singer in the evening.

On Deck 16 you will find the concierge. They are amazing and can help with anything. I used them to exchange my large bills into smaller ones, to call for the butler, confirm excursions, and they assisted with an issue my kids’ had with their shipboard account. No waiting in lines at customer service!

The MSC Yacht Club restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I did find the operating hours are a little limited and do vary by day, so be sure to check the app or the newsletter they put in your room each evening.

MSC Yacht Club Pool Deck on the MSC Grandiosa



You meet in the yacht club for excursions and shows. The butlers then escort you and you skip all lines.

Before the cruise, you will receive an email to pre-order one bottle of alcohol, make your pillow, and newspaper selection.

Check out high tea offered each day at 4pm.

You will have a Coffee maker in the room, and a mini bar with water, soda, juice and beer. This will be restocked daily. But note, the food in mini bar does come with a small charge.

MSC Yacht Club guests do have the browse WIFI package for two devices included. If you upgrade to the stream package, have to do it for both devices, otherwise a device drops off your package. Also with MSC, you CANNOT toggle between devices (unlike on Holland America or Norwegian Cruise Line). Once you sign into one device, that’s it.

You do tip your butler at the end of your cruise. Some guests will tip the MSC yacht club bartenders and concierges.

Get the fun pass for your kids. This is an MSC general tip, but it’s a great value. You get about $140.00 of value for $70.00 (Exact amounts may vary).

MSC Yacht Club guests can order breakfast the night before. Fill out the order sheet and put the card on your door before 2AM.

They give you lots of water, which I so appreciated.

If you book an excursion through the ship, they don’t tell you excursion times until the night before. The butler will leave your tickets in your stateroom.

One night, we didn’t have reservations to the show (it was sold out) but they told us to meet in lounge 15 minutes before the start and they take you. There is a dedicated part of the theater for yacht club guests and we had no problem getting seats. This was for the complimentary theater shows.

If you are leaving the ship for a non-yacht club excursion, the butler will still assist with walking you off the ship. Our butler even took us all the way out to help get us in a taxi.

MSC Yacht Club Duplex Whirlpool Suite


Is an MSC Yacht Club Upgrade Worth It?

Now that we’ve had a chance to experience the MSC Yacht Club, I don’t think I can go back to regular cruising! Upgrading to yacht club is 100% worth it. It’s really a great experience and you will not be disappointed in anything. Of course its always best to book your cruise with a travel agent. There are so many great ships and cruise lines and I can assist you with finding your perfect cruise. Your next sailing is a just a click away.

MSC Yacht Club

Have you sailed on MSC? Have you experienced the yacht club?

MSC Yacht Club

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