What is Club Mobay and is Club Mobay in Jamaica Worth It?

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When flying to and from Jamaica, it is essential you add Club Mobay VIP Fast Tracking service to your package. When I sell Jamaica vacations to lucky clients, I always add this service, and I know it will make your Jamaica airport experience so much better! But what is Club Mobay and is Club Mobay in Jamaica worth it?

Club Mobay Jamaica

As a Jamaica Destination Specialist, I receive discount admission to Club Mobay. As always, all opinions are my own.

What is Club Mobay and is Club Mobay in Jamaica Worth It?

What is Club Mobay?

The name “Club Mobay” is a little misleading – its way more than just a club or lounge.

Club Mobay is also two part – there is an arrival program and a Club Mobay departure service. We always recommend doing round trip (BOTH arrival/departure) to enhance your Jamaica Vacation.

In a nutshell adding Club Mobay to your Jamaica vacation will add VIP airport fast tracking service upon arrival (and an arrival lounge experience) and a departure lounge for you to enjoy while waiting for your flight home. These services are available in both the Montego Bay and Kingston airports.


Club Mobay VIP Arrival Service and Lounge

On my recent trip to Jamaica, I added Club Mobay VIP Arrival and Departure service.

After exiting the plane, we were met by our personal Mobay rep. She was waiting for us, with a sign with our names.

Club Mobay

She then took us through the fast track immigration line where we had our passports (and travel authorizations – since we were flying during the pandemic) stamped and then through customs with our luggage.

Once we exited the immigration area, our rep brought us to Club Mobay arrival lounge. If you are headed to a Sandals resort in Jamaica, there is a lounge for Sandals guests, but without Club Mobay you won’t be able to skip the immigration line.

Club Mobay Arrival Lounge

Since we were doing a split stay and going to Breathless Montego Bay first, we did not have access to the Sandals lounge. Our stay at Sandals Royal Caribbean was our second resort stop. I was back in Jamaica in 2023, to visit the Hilton Rose Hall, and of course utilized Club Mobay!

In August 2023, I visited Beaches Negril with my son, and were able to take advantage of both the VIP fast tracking service AND the Sandals/Beaches arrival lounge after quickly clearing customs.

After clearing immigration,  the arrival lounge is a great place to start your vacation and refresh from your flight.

As you roll up to the lounge, they will check your bags. The arrival lounge has bathrooms, and is a great place to change to shorts and flip flops! The lounge also has WIFI, a bar, and snacks. On our recent visit we arrived to rum punch, some sandwiches and fruit. We also had water to hydrate after our flight.

Club Mobay Arrival Lounge


While we relaxed in the lounge, our Club Mobay rep checked that our transfer driver had arrived -and our driver had a preferred parking spot because we had Club Mobay.

The arrival lounge is small, but a good spot to wait for your ride and have a snack.


How Does Club Mobay Departure Work?

At the end of your fabulous Jamaica vacation, your airport transfer will bring you to the airport three hours early. After you check in, check your bags, and clear security, there really isn’t much to do. That’s why you want to add Club Mobay Departure Lounge to finish your vacation in style!

When you approach the security line, go in the queue for Club Mobay, Show your confirmation and they will give you a ticket for entry.

Club Mobay Departure Lounge

After you pass security, and go through the duty free shop, and head towards gate 12, where you will see the lounge.

Upon arrival, they will check your luggage and escort you to one of the many tables. Here you can order food and drinks. Definitely try the Jamaican patties – one last taste of the island before you head home!

The lounge also offers WIFI, a kids play area, a spa (you have to pay if you want any services) and showers. Perfect way to relax before your flight.

Club Mobay Departure Lounge

I should note that the departure lounge is part of the Priority Pass Network (one of my favorite gifts for families who love travel). But I have heard that sometimes they do NOT accept priority pass guests if they are at capacity with travelers who pre-booked.


Is Club Mobay in Jamaica Worth It?

I definitely think adding Club Mobay in Jamaica is worth it.

Jamaica is a hot tourist destination, accepting many flights a day from all over the world. Upon arrival there is a chance your plane would be the only one, but that’s probably not going to happen. Without VIP fast tracking, you WILL wait a while in line to clear immigration – not unheard of to wait up to three hours!

Plus, I HATE waiting at these small Caribbean airports for three hours at the end of my vacation. So having the departure lounge is a great way to end your trip.

Club Mobay Rum Punch

How much does Club Mobay cost?

At the time of this writing, Club Mobay Arrival/Departure is only $80 an adult and $40 for children age 2-12. Infants under 2 are free. Well worth it!

If you are already booked for a Jamaica vacation and want to add Club Mobay, click here to purchase. Be sure to print your voucher – you will need this upon arrival in Jamaica.

If you are just getting started planning your Jamaica trip – you are in luck! Click the banner below to get in touch and I can put together for you an amazing package vacation. Between myself and my colleagues, we know ALL the resorts and can put together an amazing experience for you and your family. I am also a Jamaica Destination Specialist meaning I have completed training on all things Jamaica.

Plus, also my service are FREE so it’s a win-win for you!

Jamaica Destination Specialist

I just had the best time visiting Jamaica and touring Breathless Montego Bay, Sandals Royal Caribbean and Sandals Montego Bay – this is a country with a great soul and people who just LOVE to host. Plus, the beaches are so beautiful!

With my concierge vacation planning service and Club Mobay you really will be vacationing like a VIP!

Have you used Club Mobay for your Jamaica vacation? What was your experience like?

Club Mobay Jamaica

11 Comments to “What is Club Mobay and is Club Mobay in Jamaica Worth It?”

  1. This is really good information to know! When I saw Club Mobay in Montego Bay, I thought it was something exclusive and didn’t know I could have purchased that option ahead of time. Definitely would use for departures!

    1. harmskills Author

      thats a great question – and to be honest, when we visited in Dec 2020 it was very quiet at the airport. If you are truly on a budget and are okay with waiting, the definitly skip it. If you are traveling over a peak week though, might want to consider it!

      1. Terry D

        Thanks for the quick response! We are visiting at the end of June. Our flight is scheduled to arrive around 9:30am. I may cancel the arrival reservation since it will likely be slow that early in the morning and we may not be quite ready for our first rum punch. Haha! But now I’m wondering if it’s worth it for the help navigating the airport or if the money is better spent on an excursion. I’ll definitely keep the departure reservation for Club Mobay.

  2. Heather B

    We just booked our first trip to Jamaica. We are set to arrive the day after Thanksgiving around 4:00 PM. I’m debating on whether to purchase Club Mobay. Any thoughts on that time of year, in your experience? Thanks for all of the information!

  3. Terry Debruge

    We just used it for the first time in June. Our flight arrived around 9am. There was no line for the regular customs/security check but there was for the Club Mobay “fast track” although it wasn’t very long. It was nice to have someone meet us right off the plane and walk us through the airport to the lounge. It probably wouldn’t have been difficult to find our own way, but it was nice to not have to think about it after the long flight from Portland. We didn’t spend more than 15 minutes in the lounge before the shuttle to our resort was ready.

    For our departure, it was really nice to relax in the lounge before our flight and have some complementary food and drinks. I would do it again.


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