Where should we go on our next BIG trip?

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As my readers know, I am always planning my next trip! I do love the planning process and putting the pieces of a trip together, but I also love the prospect of a one-stop shop. Last year, we took a big 3-week trip to Hawaii, which was really our first big adventure. The kids and I just spent two weeks driving to SW Florida (and back) so now I am thinking about something BIG for late summer 2018.


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Where should we head this summer?


Help Us Pick our Next Big Destination!

My family has two weeks off at the end of the summer – the time between camp ending and school starting. I’m not opposed to taking the kids out of school for a few days, if it means better fares for a big trip, or better weather for a destination, but that two-week window would be the perfect time for our family getaway! Last year during this time we road tripped through California, including stops in San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

Here are some places that are high up on my radar screen for our next big trip. I haven’t been to any of these, which is definitely part of the appeal!



The Middle East

I’d really like to visit Doha, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. From what I’ve read, these cities offer exactly what my family loves – luxury city living with a side of beach and adventure! Plus to experience the vastly different culture of the Arab world, this region is super high on my travel wish list!

Of course due to weather, this is a destination I’d want to visit in the shoulder season (September/October or April/May, or maybe even the winter), which would mean missing some school for the kids. But in my eyes – worth it! These cities fascinate me and I am really dying to go! I had added it to my 2017 travel bucket list, but I will say, when I flew from NY to Milan last year, I found out my plane was then going on to Dubai. I could not believe it was another 8 hours from Europe over to the Middle East!

After the fact, I looked at a map and I didn’t realize how far Dubai is from New York!




I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska and cruise through the glaciers. I think the kids would LOVE an experience like this, and the end of August seems like an ideal time to do an Alaska trip. I would love to see the midnight sun (or as much as you can see in August) – maybe even play golf at night! Always been wanting to do that! I want to experience the remote feeling and all the beautiful nature that Alaska has to offer.

I would definitely want to explore by land, sea and train. Although if you know me, the thought of wearing winter jackets in August is not my favorite thing, but I bet the experience would be worth it!



The South Pacific

Hubby and I traveled to French Polynesia for our honeymoon and this is an area I have been eager to return to! Moorea and Bora Bora are definitely a couple’s paradise, but some of the other islands seem welcome to families seeking a tropical adventure.

 I’d love to visit Fiji. Since we love to be outdoors, in and on the water, I know a trip to the South Pacific would be perfect or our family. After all, you know how much we loved Hawaii!

August is a perfect time to visit the South Pacific. We are talking Southern Hemisphere, so a tropical paradise in its dry season! The only downside to a Fiji trip is the long travel to get there. On my recent airfare search I saw something I had never seen when booking a flight – a “+2” on the departure. Meaning you arrive TWO DAYS after you depart! Flying NY to LA, a layover at LAX, then 11 hours to Fiji, plus a 17-hour time difference – that is a lot of traveling.



Road Trip Through Eastern Canada

The other destination I have in mind, after just arriving home from a 16-day, 2,600 mile road trip to Florida is spending some time at the end of the summer driving up to Montreal and all around Quebec.

Montreal is about a 6.5-hour drive from where we live, and I hear that touring this city will make you feel like you traveled all the way to France! My kids have never been on a Europe tour, so I feel like this would be a good gateway “European city.” Plus we can drive and save a ton of money, which would of course free up more funds for a winter getaway!


So, the Middle East, South Pacific, Alaska or Canada. Which would you pick? Which should we pick?




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32 Comments to “Where should we go on our next BIG trip?”

  1. I have never heard of Webjet, but now I am going to have to check it out. Like you, I am always looking to plane our next adventure. All these destinations sound great! I would probably save Fiji for when the kids were older because of all the travel. I would go with the Canadian road trip and then you get to plan another trip as well.

  2. Eastern Canada is definitely on my list! I feel like it would be quite peaceful and there is so much to see. Parts of Alaska may be warmer than you think during the summer. When we were there, it was in the 70’s in the panhandle. We still had to wear something lightweight over our arms in Skagway. Of course, I you go on one of the glaciers you will want to wear something warmer.

  3. We were pondering a late August trip through Canada or Alaska cruise. Honestly, though, I’d take the kids out of school for 2 weeks and take them to the Middle East. They’d learn a ton about other cultures, and it really does look beautiful.

  4. Tara

    This website sounds exactly like something I need to look into! We love to travel, but often need some suggestions. Thanks for highlighting this website. I am going to check it out.

  5. Lisa

    Never heard of WebJet, congrats on the partnership! I’ve been to the South Pacific and Canada so I would definitely vote for the Middle East. Dubai looks fascinating!

  6. Laurence

    I hope webjet caters those who are not in US :P. I’ll ask them about it, since we are also planning our next trip. My suggestion would be Eastern Canada or Europe. Really like to visit Europe again, hopefully this year.

  7. I have a personal biased towards Montreal, so Eastern Canada would be my choice. Love it up there during the Summer with the many festivals. And Old Town will make you think you are actually walking through a small French village. Really though, any of your options will be great.

  8. This looks like an awesome website! I love to travel and I will have to check it out! I think you should go to Alaska and adventure in the mountains. It looks so very beautiful there!

  9. Emily

    I’ve never heard of webjet before! But I’ve heard Alaska is really really gorgeous!! My aunt and uncle actually live there 6 months out of the year and love it!

  10. Amber

    I have been wanting to visit Alaska…. maybe even do one of the Alaska cruises that depart from Seattle. It looks so beautiful there. Can’t wait to see where you pick.

  11. These are all great options! One stands out for me for a very specific reason: Alaska. The reason? Receding glaciers. The glaciers are rapidly shrinking, so if you wait a few years (or more) to visit Alaska, the glaciers will be smaller, and some may be gone. I visited many years ago, and when a friend went more recently, I was shocked by how much smaller the same glaciers were in her pictures when compared to mine. Happy planning and I look forward to seeing what you choose!

  12. I haven’t heard of webjet before but will need to try it out. These are all great options. We love the South Pacific and the kids especially loved Bora Bora. If you’re coming from the South Pacific, I can see the struggle with the long flight and time difference going to Fiji. Even frying from LA, Fiji took a lot out of us. August though would be perfect for Alaska though. We’ve cruised twice and can’t wait to return. Unbelievable scenery! Good luck with your plans!


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