6 Hacks for An Affordable Road Trip

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I love me a good road trip. So far, our biggest ones as a family have been to North Carolina and the mid-coast of Maine. I think driving trips are fun and are often more affordable than flying. Today Jonathan, who blogs at Saker Racing, shares us his best hacks for an affordable road trip!

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6 Travel Hacks for an Affordable Road Trip

Life nowadays is very hard. You have to work day and night to earn money, and at the end, you realize that the expenditures are much expensive to be afforded by your salary. Human beings have used all the natural resources, and these resources are about to get extinct. Due to the lack of resources and due to the percentage increase in their demand. These things have gone a lot more expensive. So in this era when your expenditures and expenses are very high. You cannot plan even a day out for relaxation. When planning a summer road trip the things that come to your mind is the total finance you have and the bills of food, rent, and your cars fuel usage.

Though life is very tough today, still there are some hacks for some ease and comfort in your life. If you want to relax and go for a road trip, then you can go even with a small budget. There are six travel hacks which can help you have a road trip during the summer vacations.


1- Tents

There is a lot of cost for living in a hotel and paying the rent. This method is very convenient as it may provide better entertainment. Camping is a very thrilling adventure to do. It not only makes your trip cost cheap but also causes you to have more enjoyment. Camps are already cheap but if you have a tight budget you can take it on rent, or you can even buy a second-hand tent.


2- Food accessories

Another big expenditure that you may face during this road trip is the finance needed for your food. To control the budget, you need to avoid restaurants and should bring with yourself all the raw material required for you to cook food. Another thing which is necessary is to bring with you some source of fire to cook the food.


3- Selection of fuel

Fuel consumption is a big problem you face while having a trip. Before pouring the fuel in your car, you must check how much it costs. There are three types of fuel, CNG, petrol, and diesel. You should know the price of each fuel per liter and should buy the cheapest for your car.


4- Selection of car

There are different types of cars distinguished by their engines. The car with hybrid or better engine will cost more fuel. Thus you should avoid these cars, and take with you the car with the lightest engine.


5- Accessories to get before trip

In a vacation, all the accessories required should be bought earlier because the things at tourist sites need much budget than their regular price.


6- Buy affordable accessories

You should buy the most affordable and efficient accessories such as speakers. Look for all these accessories online or you can simply buy them via Amazon.


Author Bio: 

Jonathon is an IT expert and a researcher. He is obsessed with cars and all the digital accessories. He regularly posts at www.sakerracing.com.





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  1. My family loves road trip, it’s always great to be prepared. We have not carry tent yet since we know where we staying. However, we pay attention on what fuel we put in our car because in the past , some of the gas seems to make our car act funny. Finding a good food sometimes can be easy and difficult at the same time. It’s reallg up to what you are in the mood to eat. Love this post, thank you for sharing this awesome post.


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