Every once in a while, I get some crazy idea that actually comes to fruition. I mean I always have crazy ideas floating around in my head, but sometimes they actually turn into a fun adventure! Like when I decided we do that New York to Florida drive. And back of course!

Because, why not? Right.

No seriously, this trip was super fun and an awesome adventure! And we saved a ton of money by driving. I know many families do this road trip – from New York or the Northeast down to Disney, Universal Orlando or other parts of Florida. So, I am so excited to share my guide to help you plan your New York to Florida drive!

Tips for your New York to Florida Drive. Plan your perfect New York to Florida Road Trip. Driving from New York to Florida Where to Stop. Driving from Florida to New York. Itinerary for this road trip and pro tips for driving to Florida. #RoadTrip #Florida #newYork #FamilyTravel #FamilyVacation #TravelTips


Best Tips for Your New York to Florida Drive

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It sure has been one crazy summer. If you had asked me seven months ago what I envisioned summer 2020 to look like it definitely would not have involved a 1300 mile drive over eight states, and two and a half months spent in Florida. But as we all know 2020 gave us lemons and we decided to turn our summer into lemonade. In June when I drove from New York to Florida during the coronavirus pandemic I detailed my day-to-day feelings and the entire journey in a diary which turned into a very popular blog post. Now as we attempt to do the reverse trip and head from Florida to New York during covid, I’ve decided to document my journey once again. Keep reading to see how my trip from Florida to New York during the coronavirus pandemic turned out.

Driving to New York During Covid-19

Driving to New York during COVID-19, Two Resort Stays and Random Thoughts on New York Traveler’s Quarantine

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Our trip to Montreal was so fun, and I still can’t believe we could drive to from New York to Montreal in less than seven hours! Driving sure beat the price of flying a whole family up there and the ride was really easy. I love that in a short road trip, we could be transported to a completely different country and culture. I learned a lot about driving into Canada and I’m excited to share my tips for Americans visiting Canada, especially the French speaking city of Montreal.

Tips for driving from New York to Montreal, driving into Canada from the US, how to navigate the US Canada border crossing and best tips for Americans visiting Canada. #Canada #Montreal #Quebec #RoadTrip

On this trip, Momma To Go partnered with Tourisme Montreal for complimentary and discounted tickets to some attractions. As always, all opinions are my own.


Driving from NY to Canada

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As many of you know, summer, surprisingly, is not our big family travel time. The kids go to a local day camp (which they love) and I work there as well. So instead of jet setting around the globe, I spend the summer chasing around a group of 4-year old boys! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! The one thing I don’t love about camp is that it does consume almost our whole summer.


We had about 10 days after camp, before school started to do some traveling. Last summer we did an epic California road trip, complete with stops in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Buellton and Disneyland. Unfortunately, that trip didn’t end so well… but that didn’t stop us from wanting to travel again this August!

For this summer trip, I really wanted to go somewhere we have never been. I did want to spend some of these ten days at home, just enjoying Long Island, so we didn’t want to go somewhere too far, or expensive. So, after much consideration, we chose to drive up to Montreal for five days. This was such a great trip and I am so excited to share with you all the fun things to do in Montreal with Kids!


Fun Things to do in Montreal with Kids. Everything you need to plan your family vacation to Montreal Quebec Canada including a 4 day Montreal vacation itinerary #Montreal #Canada #Quebec #FamilyTravel #MontrealKids #RoadTrip


On this trip, Momma to Go partnered with Tourism Montreal for some complimentary and reduced priced admission tickets to some of these attractions. They also helped us plan our trip! Follow them on Instagram (I love their insta pics!), twitter and on Facebook. Use the hashtag #MTLMoments to share your Montreal pics!


Fun Things to do in Montreal with Kids

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Stuff I Love, Travel

When taking your next road trip, in addition to packing your luggage, there are certain items you MUST have for your car! Trust me, I know. This winter I drove 2,600 miles  from New York to Florida (on 1/2 of the trip I was the only parent) and just returned from a LONNNGGG ride up to Maine, and back. We even took this show on the international road, driving up to Montreal! Stocking your car with the essentials will keep the kids, and parents happy! So keep reading for my road trip packing list, and be sure to stock the car before you hit the road!

Road Trip Packing List. All the essentials you need to stock your car for your next road trip! #RoadTrip #Hippeas #FamilyTravel #Travel #SummerTravel

Road Trip Packing List

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I love a good road trip — and one of the best ones I have ever taken was from Washington, D.C. to Nashville, Tennessee. As a road trip destination, Nashville is so accessible from other East Coast cities, yet has such a different vibe than Atlanta, Washington, D.C., or New York City. Plus, there is so much to do in Nashville, whether you are an art lover, history buff, foodie or a music fan.

Getting to Nashville, TN


Image via Flickr by Kyle Simourd

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You all know I love the beach and pool, but another summer (and spring/fall) activity that our family loves is to visit theme parks! This past winter we were lucky enough to visit Legoland Florida twice, have a brunch at Chef Mickey at Walt Disney World, and have visited our local amusement park, Adventureland, many times.

One park that has always made our summer must-do list is Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. I honestly do not think we will go this year, for the first time in 5 summers! I am a bit sad about this! But my guys have “graduated” to a bigger water park (we have a Splish Splash visit scheduled in a couple of weeks), but we have gone to Sesame Place for the past five summers and I am thrilled to share my best Sesame Place tips to help younger families plan their most awesome trip.


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Sesame Place Tips - plan your visit to this theme park for little ones in Langhorne, PA | Sesame Place Tickets | Sesame Place Hacks | Sesame Place Discount | What to bring to Sesame Place | Family Travel | Sesame Place with Toddlers | Sesame Place vacation ideas | Pennsylvania Travel | Day Trips from Philadelphia | Day Trips from New York City #Philadelphia #SesamePlace

Sesame Place Tips

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I love a good road trip.

Seriously, I keep saying that in my next life, I’m coming back as a truck driver.

It’s true. I love the adventure of getting in the car and just going. Freedom.

And a Cracker Barrel along the way.

But even for the most seasoned driver, and road tripping family, there are long stretches of time that need to be occupied in some way. Now of course we live in modern America. The default car ride activity for my children is movies. We have this portable DVD player, which I love! There is one movie and two screens that strap around the front row headrests. It plugs into the cigarette lighter-type outlet in the car.


PRO-TIP: Take out movies from your local library. That way you can have a ton of options on a long trip. Just check the discs before you leave to make sure they are not scratched.


But when the movie runs out, and there are still miles to go, we do have some favorite family road trip games that I am excited to share with you!


Family Road Trip Games

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The best road trip games your family will love! No planning or assembly required!

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48 Hours in..., Travel

This fall, I’ve had such awesome adventures. Short getaways to Las Vegas (with the hubby), Atlantic City (for the half marathon) and Minneapolis (with #thegirlfriends). A few weeks ago I found myself on the road again, and strangely without kids, as I headed down to Baltimore for another friends trip (different group of girlfriends)!

The purpose of this trip, besides meeting up with friends from Washington, DC was to see Amy Schumer’s live show. However… about 30 hours before show time, we received an email that the show was… postponed ! I think the official statement said Amy was “under the weather”, but we had our post-election speculations. Honestly, my thought was she had to rewrite her whole show which was probably based on an HRC win. Who knows, but we still had a great (slightly less than) 48 hours in Baltimore, and will return when Amy actually takes the stage!

A Weekend away in Baltimore Maryland. Where to stay in Baltimore, where to eat in Baltimore and what to do in Baltimore, Maryland #Travel #TravelTips #Baltimore #Maryland

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