Another 48 Hours in… Atlantic City

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One of my most popular posts is my 48 Hours in … Atlantic City recap of our winter trip to the city by the sea. Atlantic City is one of our family’s favorite destinations, and I have been going there since I was a kid. I know it well and always have fun! And on this recent trip, I didn’t even gamble! There was no time! There were so many other great things to do!

If you have never been, Atlantic City is located about 90 miles south of New York City and about an hour east of Philadelphia. There is a small airport nearby, but is most easily accessed by car. Atlantic City is a boardwalk town on a barrier island, meaning there is an ocean beach to the east and a bay to the west. One of the big attractions is the casinos, but especially in recent years the big hotels have begun to offer other amenities besides gaming. And in the summer, the beach is always fun! So come with me for ANOTHER 48 Hours in… Atlantic City.

Another 48 Hours in... Atlantic City. Where to stay, where to eat and what to do! A great summer family getaway. #atlanticcity #newjersey #travel #familytravel


Another 48 Hours in… Atlantic City


Where to Stay in Atlantic City


We are completely loyal to the Tropicana Atlantic City. It really is the best hotel… in my opinion! I have been staying at the Trop since I was a kid and they are always updating and renovating the property. Every visit, there is something new!

The Tropicana is located right on the boardwalk, on the south side making it the perfect starting point for long walks (or bike rides) up the Boardwalk. The Tropicana is right on the beach, so the sand and ocean is a short walk from your room. The Tropicana also offers so many great restaurants, we didn’t even get to try all the new ones! On this visit, we stayed in the West Tower in a one-bedroom suite.

Another 48 Hours in... Atlantic City. Where to stay, where to eat and what to do! A great summer family getaway. #atlanticcity #newjersey #travel #familytravel


Where to Eat in Atlantic City


The Tropicana recently re-designed some of their restaurants (Fiesta Buffet and Seaside Café) and has added Olon, a new restaurant that we will try on our next visit. On this two-night trip, we ate dinners at tried and true Momma To Go Favorites, Cuba Libre (located in the Tropicana Havana Quarter) and Angelo’s Fairmount Tavern, located in town near the Outlets at The Walk. I wrote detailed write-ups of those restaurants here.


What to Do in Atlantic City

Read this post if you are Heading to Atlantic City with Kids

Beach. On this summer trip, we did totally different things than on our winter visit. We definitely spent most of our time at the beach. Fourth of July weekend was hot and humid and the beach was the place to be!

In Atlantic City, the beach is free. We did rent chairs from the Tropicana at only $12 each for the whole day. Definitely worth it to not have to lug our own stuff around. We did bring our own beach towels and toys. And a few bags of chips and some la Croix to enjoy on the beach! At the end of the day, we stopped over at The Chelsea Beach Bar for a delicious frozen daiquiri and the kids got to hang out in the hammock.

Another 48 Hours in... Atlantic City. Where to stay, where to eat and what to do! A great summer family getaway. #atlanticcity #newjersey #travel #familytravel


Another 48 Hours in... Atlantic City. Where to stay, where to eat and what to do! A great summer family getaway. #atlanticcity #newjersey #travel #familytravel

Bike Rental. In AC, you can ride bikes on the boardwalk from 6am until noon. We were in Atlantic City for two mornings and each day one kid got a chance to bike with me. There is a B&K Bike Rental location right outside the Tropicana (on the far north end) and also outside the Resorts Casino (on the south end).

UPDATE JULY 2019: The proprietor of the bike rental company has retired. The woman I spoke with at the tourism board hopes the bike rentals will be up and running again soon!

Another 48 Hours in... Atlantic City. Where to stay, where to eat and what to do! A great summer family getaway. #atlanticcity #newjersey #travel #familytravel

The first day I rented a bike with a baby seat (baby girl is almost 6 but she is small and still fit in the baby seat) at a cost of $11 for an hour. The second day I rented a tandem-two wheel bike with little man at a cost of $18 for an hour. A regular adult bike costs $9 per hour and they also have kids bikes (with, or without training wheels) available.

PRO-TIP: Bring your own helmet. Buy baby girl’s helmet HERE

Each day we biked about 8 miles – we went the entire length of the boardwalk to the North, turned around and then rode into Ventor City before turning back to head home. Bikes are a great way to get around because you can see much more of the boardwalk then you would be able to cover on foot!



Steel Pier. Nothing says summer quite like carnival rides by the sea! The Steel Pier is a small amusement park located on the pier outside the now closed Showboat Casino (on the north end of the Boardwalk).

Another 48 Hours in... Atlantic City. Where to stay, where to eat and what to do! A great summer family getaway. #atlanticcity #newjersey #travel #familytravel

I had purchased 80 tickets (for only $32 with a 20% off code) through Groupon but you have to purchase at least 48 hours in advance of using the tickets. We took the AC Tram down the boardwalk ($4 for each adult, $2 per child) and spent about an hour riding all of the rides!

The kids loved the Steel Pier and it was a great post-beach, pre-dinner activity!



I love Atlantic City any time of year, but we always have an extra fun time in the summer when we can hit the beach and enjoy the Boardwalk! Have you ever been to this city-by-the-sea? What is your favorite summertime getaway?

Another 48 Hours in... Atlantic City. Where to stay, where to eat and what to do! A great summer family getaway. #atlanticcity #newjersey #travel #familytravel



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33 Comments to “Another 48 Hours in… Atlantic City”

  1. Meg

    We stopped in Atlantic City on our way to Wildwood many years ago. I always thought of Atlantic City as casinos and night life, but your post shows so many other great things to do there – the pier and bike riding would be something I would love to do!

  2. We’ve never been to Atlantic City. We don’t usually go that far north. But, it looks like there’s a good variety of things to do! Sounds like it’d be a fun place to explore!

  3. Have never been to Atlantic City, but want to head up there one of these days! Will definitely check out some of these spots;, and a few casinos or two haha! I do love a good came of Craps!

  4. I’ve only ever known people on tv to go to Atlantic city for bachelor and bachelorette parties. My friend went to Atlantic city for a bachelor party and said it was a great time. It is neat to see that there is so much more to Atlantic city than the party. Because I’m from the west coast and live on the southern coast of the US I never really think of the northeast as a beach destination.

  5. Not sure why we have never made it down to Atlantic City, many of our friends have went and several go back year after year. Might have to put this on our vacation list now.

  6. I’ve never been to Atlantic City before, but now you have me curious! It looks like so much fun; I’ll be sure to check out the Tropicana if I go. Also, I just love that last picture of your boy leaping into the air 🙂

  7. Claudi

    I have never heard nor been to Atlantic City. Since I love all destinations with beaches – I would love to explore Atlantic City. Looks like an amazing spot. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Atlantic City is one of those places that is so close to me, but that I never get around to getting to. (I’m from New York.) Seems like a really casual weekend getaway though, so I’ll have to add that onto my short-trip list for when I need to escape from home.

  9. Jacklyn

    You know what’s so funny.. I’ve lived on Long Island, so close to AC, for the majority of my life and still haven’t visited! I never thought to look on groupon while traveling, such a great idea! I might have to plan a trip soon 🙂

  10. Tatum

    I’m surprised you found this much because to me, Atlantic City is pretty eh. Not my favorite to say the least…although I do love staying at the Water Club in the Borgata there! Awesome gambling.


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