Italian Gift Ideas and The Best Italian Gift Baskets You Can Make Yourself

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I love giving gifts, I love finding unique things the recipient would love. Sometimes, it makes sense to do a basket of smaller things, as opposed to one big present. Of course those need to fit a theme, or have a common thread. Since I love Italy, and all things Italian, I thought I’d put together some fun ideas for creating Italian Gift Baskets for your friends and family! These would also make GREAT teacher gifts as well. Keep reading for the best Italian Gift Ideas!

The best gifts for people who love Italy. the best Italian gifts and the best Italian gift baskets that you can make yourself. Holiday gift guide for Italy lovers #Italy #HolidayGuide #Christmas #GiftGuide

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Italian Gift Ideas and The Best Italian Gift Baskets you can Create at Home

What I love about gift baskets is you can stick to one category, or mix and match to create the ultimate gift for people who love Italy! Looking for a small gift for the Italy lover? Then skip the basket and just give one or two items from this great list of Italian themed gifts!


Wine Gift Sets

When I think of Italy, I think of food and drink, so let’s start with Italian wine gifts, shall we? Now besides the obvious bottle or bottles of wine, these other gifts go great with a bottle of vino:

Corkpop – We have this and use it … ummm… frequently. It’s honestly the easiest wine opener I have ever had. Just be careful, because the needle is sharp – so keep out of reach of small children. Also, be sure to add reserve CO2 cartridges to this gift!


Stemless Glasses – For our wedding, we received fancy, fragile, expensive wine glasses. Now honestly, those sit in the back of the cabinet and we use our stemless glasses that are dishwasher safe OR our plastic ones that we can take inside and out! I have no shame in admitting stemless, durable and easy to clean wine glasses truly are the best.


Bath Wine Holder– I have had this on my wish list for months. It’s the kind of thing I probably wouldn’t go out and buy for myself, but it would make the perfect gift! If you like to drink wine AND read, then this bath caddy would make a great gift!


Takeaway Wine Cup – This has been my go-to gift for my wine loving friends and family. Enjoy cold wine on the go, or just in the comfort of your own yard! I have a teal one, but there are so many pretty colors to choose from!



Coffee Gifts and Coffee Gift Sets

Momma To Go readers know that after staying at the Paradox Hotel in Santa Cruz and the AC Downtown in Montreal, I am dying for a Nespresso espresso maker. I’ve had the stovetop espresso maker and honestly, this one is much easier and more efficient. I’m definitely getting one of these for Christmas.

UPDATE: I did get my Nespresso last Christmas and I am obsessed! It makes an amazing cup of coffee and is so easy to use. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

And of course you need the pods that go with this coffee maker!


Now with this fancy, new espresso maker you definitely need a cute espresso cup set! Here are some of my favorites!


Gifts for the Italian Soccer Lover

Soccer is so popular in Italy and proud fans are quick to display their team loyalty. You could easily put together a great gift set with a real soccer jersey and an authentic soccer scarf! Here are some great choices for fans for various teams:


Gifts for the Italian Language Lover

These days, language learning resources are aplenty. These language gifts would make the perfect addition to any Italian gift basket!



The Ultimate Pasta Gift Basket

Of course Italy is synonymous with PASTA! Now I see pasta gift baskets in the specialty shops all the time. They are always beautiful and SUPER expensive. You can easily make an Italian pasta gift basket at home by adding these favorite items:


Italian Cooking Gifts

After visiting Milan, and taking a Cook in Milano class with Clara, these would be some great gifts for the at -home Italian chef in training!

Italian Gift Baskets: Don’t Forget a Basket

Be sure to pick up a basket or two if you are planning to put together an Italian gift basket. And some clear gift wrap!


Give the Ultimate Italy Gift – A Trip to Italy!

Now for those looking to really give the ultimate gift to their Italy lover, how about a trip to Italy? Obviously planning a trip to Italy can be overwhelming – but don’t fret, you are in the right place! I am a full service travel agent specializing in customized Italy vacations! I can plan a trip to suit any travel style and budget.

Now you just need to narrow down where in Italy you want to go! For inspiration check out my posts on visiting Milan, a day trip to Verona, Cook in Milano cooking class, or Wine Tasting in Italy!

Click the banner below to get started. Oh and the best part? My Italy travel planning services are completely FREE! That’s a gift everyone will love!


This holiday season, for your Italy loving friends, family, even teachers, you can easily put together a great Italian Gift basket. Choose items within each category or mix and match for the ultimate gift for people who love Italy. Whether they travel often to Italy, or just dream about la dolce vita!


What are you favorite Italian gifts to give? What Italian themed gifts are you adding to your wish list?

The best gifts for people who love Italy. the best Italian gifts and the best Italian gift baskets that you can make yourself. Holiday gift guide for Italy lovers #Italy #HolidayGuide #Christmas #GiftGuide



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