Family Packing in the Transitional Seasons

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Packing is definitely one of my least favorite parts of traveling. And these transitional (or shoulder) seasons are especially tricky! Weather might fluctuate throughout a trip, or even throughout the same day. As always its best to plan ahead, make lists, and be prepared. Today Claire Hastings, shares her best tips for Family Packing in the Transitional Season.

Family Packing for the Transitional Season | Family Packing Tips | Family Packing Lists | Transitional Season Outfits | Vacation Packing Hacks | Vacation Packing Lists

Transitional Season Family Packing Essentials

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The off-season is not usually perceived as the most festive and sparkly time of the year. This is understandable as the summer reaches its end and cold winds arise. This seasonal transition, however, does not have to spell doom for traveling. In fact, it could be a perfect time to gear up for the family trip and hit the road. Hotel rooms are more affordable, tourist crowds not as big, and weather still nice. Just do not overlook the packing, one of the most important aspects of traveling.

A game plan

Planning ahead of time is a great way to minimize the chances of experiencing headaches and frustration. So, assemble a packing list, the cornerstone of easy traveling. Also, keep in mind that one of the crucial decisions is what luggage to bring with you. It is highly advisable to opt for something that is versatile, lightweight, and big enough to hold the essentials.

What you will pack is determined by destination, the length of stay, and activities you plan to take on. Regardless of the details, it pays off to organize your stuff well. On the other hand, remember that not everything can play out smoothly: Hiccups and hurdles are an integral part of traveling. Learn how to blow off some steam. Indulge yourself, burn an incense stick in the hotel room, order a refreshing cocktail, whatever floats your boat really.

First things first

Family Packing for the Transitional Season | Family Packing Tips | Family Packing Lists | Transitional Season Outfits | Vacation Packing Hacks | Vacation Packing Lists

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Prevention is the best medicine, though. Thus, utilize sound packing and planning techniques. Let us start with the clothing packing list. It is a good idea to pack various clothing options, especially if you will be moving around a lot. Get prepared for the potential variations in the weather and bring lightweight clothing you can layer, T-shirts and tank tops, comfortable shoes and socks, pants/shorts. You also want to have sweaters, rain jacket or windbreaker, underwear, bathing suit, pajamas, etc.  

As for other essentials, I would not forget about the following tech and travel tools. They boost your traveling experience and make your life easier once you reach your destination.  Believe me, long flights can get pretty tedious (even more so for children) without a cell phone, portable battery and charger, and traveling speakers and earplugs. For some extra comfort, it is recommended to add travel pillow and eye mask. And to keep the boredom at bay, let the kids have their favorite toys.

Carry your weight

Family Packing for the Transitional Season | Family Packing Tips | Family Packing Lists | Transitional Season Outfits | Vacation Packing Hacks | Vacation Packing Lists

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Furthermore, toiletry bag is a must-have. You do not have to pack absolutely everything because you can purchase items on the fly. And if you are flying, pay special attention to all liquids as they must stay within the prescribed carry-on limit. Inside the bag, every traveler should have a deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen and face lotion, hair brush or comb, and personal hygiene items. Feel free to pack extras such as personal mirror, cologne, shaving kit, hair products, facial tissues, etc.

Finally, you should not neglect a personal carry-on bag and a wallet. There, the place is reserved mostly for things you cannot travel without no matter where you go: Travel documents, cash or credit cards, reservations and itineraries, transportation tickets, and travel and health insurance. Books, travel guides, and magazines help you navigate unknown waters, so keep these things close at hand. At last, a camera allows you to capture magic moments and cherish them for life.

Footloose and fancy-free

Have a rundown of all the essentials you need to pack and take your time when doing it. The packing list is your main guiding light. So, pick the right luggage and double-check everything before the adventure begins. Wherever you are headed, the goal is to unwind and recharge our batteries. Spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest without having to worry about things you had failed to pack or even think of. We have covered the basics folks, but you can get creative and customize the list according to your specific needs.

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Family Packing for the Transitional Season | Family Packing Tips | Family Packing Lists | Transitional Season Outfits | Vacation Packing Hacks | Vacation Packing Lists
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14 Comments to “Family Packing in the Transitional Seasons”

  1. I agree, travelling in the shoulder season can be difficult when packing. My family tends to travel during this time for a couple of reason, we live in a resort town so for us to get away it makes the most sense to during the shoulder season and we usually get the best deals during this time.

  2. It’s a hard time of year to plan for. I packed this morning for a conference, and I have some things that are more for summer, and I have some things that are warmer. I plan to dress in layers. Plus, sometimes these conference rooms are freezing!

  3. Even as a solo traveler packing is my least favorite thing, I couldn’t imagine how it would be having to pack for a family. However in saying that you’ve got some great tips and I love that you have a game plan for it 🙂 I’m sure it’s been fine tuned over the years haha.


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