The Best Adults-Only Getaways

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I adore my two kids more than anything, but I LOVE the rare occasion when the hubby and I can get away for a few nights. Unfortunately, it does not happen often — but when it does, my husband and I always head to the most un-kid-friendly places we can find! Hey, if I’m not traveling with my own kids, I don’t want to vacation with your kids either! Here are some of our favorite grown-up getaways.

A Day at the Vineyards

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Not just limited to Tuscany or Napa, you can find vineyards in many pockets of the United States. Without kids, hubby and I love to sneak away to our favorite local wineries for a night or two. We will leisurely visit several tasting rooms, followed by dinner at a nearby farm-to-table restaurant. Areas that serve vineyards tend to have great restaurants featuring local wines. Look to stay in a cute inn or Bed and Breakfast. Again, I love traveling with my little ones, but these types of accommodations tend to be for adults only!

A Trip to the Casino

Casinos have popped up all over the country, and many have hotels attached or nearby. Gambling is a fun, obviously adult-only activity, but gaming is not the only thing to during a casino trip. Casinos usually have great restaurants, nightlife, and shows. Many have shopping areas as well. You may be able to find a spa or indoor pool — and the best part? No little ones!

Overnight City Stay

I live right outside New York City. A few times a year, we do take our kids to Manhattan for a museum visit or a show. But escaping to the urban jungle without the strollers, not having to wrangle kids on public transportation, and not dealing with little ones whining about having to walk, makes an awesome adult-only trip! Book a night at a boutique hotel and the city is your oyster. Have a long, boozy lunch, hit the shops, or take in a grown-up museum or show. End the night listening to live music or staying out as late as you want!

Adults-Only Resort

If you can sneak away for more than one night, consider booking a trip to the parental promised land — an adults-only resort! That’s right, there are holiday destinations where kids are NOT ALLOWED! I honestly cannot think of a better way to truly unwind and decompress from our beloved parenting duties than to sit poolside with a frozen drink and a good novel. Enjoy a fancy meal without having to be home early to relieve the babysitter! Sleep in, be active — or not. A true break from being around children sounds like a wonderful vacation! And the best part… some real time to yourself will give you a chance to miss your little ones.

No matter what adults-only trip you choose, remember this one last important tip — be sure to bring back a little something for the kids AND for your trusted caregiver! These trips away are important for we parents to reconnect with our partner and recharge our batteries! Bon voyage!


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22 Comments to “The Best Adults-Only Getaways”

  1. Trust me, I was salivating at the very idea of an adults only break! We did it just once – and that was when we had two kids. But now, I guess we’ll have to wait till the youngest is a year old before venturing into something like that. Oh, also – daycations! Hubby and I have done a morning to evening thing too – anything to get away from the kids. But hey! Im looking forward to the Vineyard and Casino kind of break too!

  2. Thank you so much for this list. I’m currently putting together date night ideas for my boyfriend & I and became blank after the generic date night ideas came to my head lol. I will definitely add these to my list. Thanks

  3. I love these ideas! My husband and I don’t get away alone often, but we always enjoy ourselves when we do. I think our favorite is a night in the city! Downtown Denver has so much to offer… so many craft brews and wine to taste… and tons of great restaurants.

  4. These are great ideas! It really is hard to get away sometimes but it has gotten easier as the kids have gotten older. We’re lucky enough to live near casinos and wineries here in San Diego so we try to go as often as we can. We’d love to try those adults only resort one of these days.

  5. Haha, I like the part where you said “If I’m not traveling with my own kids I don’t want to vacation with yours”. This list was perfect for me. Since I’m not a parent yet, I’m always looking for some adult-only ideas so that within the next few years when I do have children, I’ll already feel content about visiting places like that. Thanks for sharing!


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