Wow! What I have learned this past two weeks from being sick, and spending a lot of time scrolling through social media feeds, is there is no season more polarizing than fall.

I’m sure you have seen all the memes, the anticipation of the #PSL (personally, I am not a fan) and friends rushing off to Trader Joe’s for all things pumpkin!

Then there are folks like me, who love the heat. And summer. Days spent at the beach and pool. For me fall, is trying to hang on to an extension of my favorite season. Hoping for that warm weather to continue way into October. In fact, #SeptemberIsStillSummer is one of my favorite hashtags!

But one “fall” activity that I do dig is apple picking! It’s one of my favorite yearly traditions. And I say, “fall” in quotes because honestly if you wait too late into September, all the apples will be gone!

Since moving to Long Island, our favorite place to pick is Lewin Farms. And since I have also seen so many “What are the best places to pick apples on Long Island” posts, I figured I’d answer that question and help many families start some new traditions of their own!

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Stuff I Love

I feel like I keep saying this but the fall is flying by! I feel like I was just on the beach, and now we are done with Halloween! Between half-marathon training, trips to Minnesota and Las Vegas, and working a few odd jobs, I have not had time to be bored! I still have so much great content I want to share, and the actual writing is my favorite part of blogging. Despite not working full-time, I still have to deliberately carve out time to write. It’s a week into November already, and I am just (finally) sitting down to write my Stuff I love: October post! This post is the second in this series, where I share a few random things that I am loving lately.

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Stuff I Love: October 2016. IKEA, imomsohard, Trader Joe's, Jergen's Natural Glow #momlife #momproducts #lists #family

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