Orlando Tree Trek: Florida’s Family Treetop Adventure Park

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As we all know, there is so much to do in Orlando! Even outside of Disney and Universal, there are awesome theme parks (we love Legoland and Aquatica), indoor experiences (like the Crayola Factory), and wildlife tours a plenty. On our recent Orlando trip, we wanted to try something totally new so we were beyond excited to partner with Orlando Tree Trek for a visit! If you are looking for an awesome treetop adventure park, and/or a zipline in Orlando, we highly recommend a visit to Orlando Tree Trek Adventure!

A review of Tree Trek Orlando, Floridas premier treetop adventure park and zip line #Orlando #Florida #FamilyTravel
photo courtesy of tree trek orlando


Momma To Go was hosted by Orlando Tree Trek Adventure, for purpose of this review. As always, all opinions are my own.


Orlando Tree Top Adventure

Tree Trek Adventure Park is a family owned treetop adventure park set in a 15-acre pine tree forest. Orlando Tree Trek Adventure is located in Kissimmee, which is just south of the Walt Disney World Resorts. We drove down for a visit on a Friday morning and parking was free.

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What is a treetop Adventure Park?

Orlando Tree Trek offers courses for kids, juniors and adults. Climbers work their way from ten to fifty feet in the air, progressing through harder obstacles, which are called games. Think tightropes, suspended ladders, shaky bridges and ziplines! We did something similar in Montreal, the Voiles en Voiles park located at the Vieux Port – in fact, this course was created by the same company!

A review of Tree Trek Orlando, Florida’s premier treetop adventure park and zip line #Orlando #Florida #FamilyTravel

Who can climb at Tree trek Orlando?

Kids age six and up can climb at Tree Trek Orlando. Climbers must have a waist smaller than 44 inches to be properly fitted with the safety harness, but there is no weight limit to use the course.

There are three courses at Tree Trek Orlando – one for kids under eight, one for juniors age 9-11, and one for adults. Each course has several levels, so something for every age and ability!

On our visit, baby girl was only tall enough for the kids’ courses. You have to be tall enough to reach the overhead support wire, about a reach of 47”. Since we didn’t want to send her alone, we ALL did the “kids course” and trust me, it was challenging enough for all of us! It was also awesome to be able to do it all together.

Also worth noting that even though I did the course with the kids, parents DO NOT have to climb, spectators can follow along from the ground!

A review of Tree Trek Orlando, Florida’s premier treetop adventure park and zip line #Orlando #Florida #FamilyTravel

Our visit to Tree Trek Orlando

Upon arrival, the first thing you must do (before you check-in for your reservation) is to complete the waiver on an iPad. Then you can head to the check-in desk. Your ticket includes plenty of time to climb, but you can also add on a photo package, access to unlimited water, gloves (highly recommended) and rent a locker (also super useful).

After you are all checked-in, you head out on the deck to get fitted with your safety harness. In this area you will find the restroom as well.  PS. Use the bathroom before you put on your harness!

A review of Tree Trek Orlando, Florida’s premier treetop adventure park and zip line #Orlando #Florida #FamilyTravel

Once our group was set in their harnesses, we all headed over to the demo area. Here we received a very thorough and clear safety presentation. Essentially attached to your belt is a Y-shaped safety line with two clips (called clip-its). Only one can be open at a time, making sure you are ALWAYS connected as you move through the course. If your child knows the difference between a C and U, they can easily learn how to connect and disconnect the tethers. You have to position them just so, so it’s a bit of a learning curve, but you can practice plenty in the demo area.

A review of Tree Trek Orlando, Florida’s premier treetop adventure park and zip line #Orlando #Florida #FamilyTravel

Once we completed the demo course, and had the hang of the clip-its, we headed onto Kids’ Course #1. Again, this was not a kiddie play-around course – this was a real-deal, 10-foot high ropes course! Little man, who is 10, was able to get the hang of the clip-its rather quickly. Baby girl (who is 7 and also very short for her age) had a little more trouble.

We realized it made sense for me to go in line between the two kids so I could help them when necessary. The place where it got a little sticky was where you had to use the carabineer. This was used for extra support when going up and down the big ladders to get on and off the course and on the zip lines. For safety reasons the carabineers were hard to open – so baby girl had trouble getting herself out of the zipline. With me behind her, she had to be fully disengaged so I could go – I didn’t want to slam right into her!

But if you get stuck at any point on the course – and we had to do this on the zipline, you can call out GUIDE, GUIDE, GUIDE and help will come. If worse case you no longer want to continue, they can help you get down as well.

After completing Kids’ Course #1, we completed Kids Course #2. In total we spent about 3 hours at Orlando Tree Trek. We were hot, sweaty and feeling very accomplished by the end!

A review of Tree Trek Orlando, Florida’s premier treetop adventure park and zip line #Orlando #Florida #FamilyTravel

Make a Reservation at Tree Trek Orlando

For safety, Tree Trek Orlando caps the number of climbers that can use the course at any time. For this reason, it is important to make a reservation in advance. Departures start at 8:30am and are seasonal, so be sure to call ahead before you go! In fact, you can pay for your tickets and make your reservation right online!

A review of Tree Trek Orlando, Florida’s premier treetop adventure park and zip line #Orlando #Florida #FamilyTravel

What to wear to Tree Trek Orlando

It is strongly recommended to wear closed toed shoes and comfortable clothing. I was wearing my lululemon Capri pants and I heard another woman mention that longer shorts, or pants are the way to go. The harness sits under your glutes and around your waist, it creates a little seat when you are on the zipline, so I can see how short shorts would be a bad idea.

You are not permitted to wear hanging jewelry and it is recommended that girls pull their hair back. The park is mostly shaded, but it was sunny in some areas, so don’t forget your sunscreen.

A review of Tree Trek Orlando, Florida’s premier treetop adventure park and zip line #Orlando #Florida #FamilyTravel

Tree Trek Orlando was such an awesome experience for us! This course allowed us to challenge ourselves to try things we didn’t think we could do! We all left feeling very accomplished and proud of our ability to help each other, and stick with it when things were tough. I love how the course can grow with our family, I know we would love to go back and try even more challenging levels! When you are visiting the Orlando area, I highly recommend carving out a few hours to visit Tree Trek Orlando!

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A review of Tree Trek Orlando, Floridas premier treetop adventure park and zip line #Orlando #Florida #FamilyTravel #AdventurePark
photos courtesy of Tree Trek Orlando

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