Two New Rides at Splish Splash Long Island

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Last year, we finally ventured to our local waterpark, Splish Splash Long Island. The kids were finally old enough to really enjoy the thrill rides and we seemed to max out of our toddler favorite, Sesame Place. Our day at Splish Splash was a 2017 highlight, with the kid’s talking often and fondly of our trip! So we were so excited to be invited back this year to check out the two new rides at Splish Splash, Long Island!

Two New Rides at Splish Splash Long Island, the best waterpark in the NYC area. Riptide Racer and Bombs Away. #LongIsland #NewYork #FamilyTravel #Waterpark #SplishSplash #SplishSplashWP

Momma To Go would like to thank Splish Splash for hosting us. As always, all opinions are my own.

Two New Rides at Splish Splash Long Island

This summer (2018) Splish Splash opened two new thrill rides! We were so excited to be invited to check them out! Even without these new rides, we still love Splish Splash! And honestly, at Splish Splash, there is something for everyone. I personally am a lazy river girl. I also love the gentle waterslides like Twister and Abyss. But what impressed me so much about our first visit to Splish Splash is the variety of thrill water rides the park offers. Rides like Bootlegger Run and Hollywood Stunt Rider will have you thinking more roller coaster than water park!

For the littlest ones, they will love the pirate cove or the wave pool and “beach”. Hey mom will enjoy lounging in the beach sand while the kids ride the fast-paced Dr. von dark’s Tunnel of Terror or Bootlegger Run!

Excited to check out our annual favorites, we also could not wait to check out the two new rides at Splish Splash Long Island!

Two New Rides at Splish Splash Long Island, the best waterpark in the NYC area. Riptide Racer and Bombs Away. #LongIsland #NewYork #FamilyTravel #Waterpark #SplishSplash #SplishSplashWP


Riptide Racer

Baby girl and I did something similar at Aquatopia in Orlando. Actually, this was her favorite ride in Florida so she was SUPER excited to try it at Splish Splash. Riptide racer has four riders line up across the top of the slide, then go head first on mats down the giant water slide. The minimum height requirement is 42” so baby girl and little man rode this one several times!


Bombs Away

Before our visit, we watched some videos of Bombs Away and it looked exciting, but petrifying! Bombs Away is a 300-foot slide perched on a tower over 50 feet in the air. You enter the launch capsule, waiting for the countdown – 3, 2, 1 and the floor drops out from under you. Yes – the floor underneath opens and you rush through the intense tidal flow of the flat line loop. The ride sends you free falling at 26 feet per second!

The minimum height requirement for Bombs Away is 48” so brave baby girl was too small, and little man and I were way too scared! But, hubby took one for the team and rode it not once, but twice. He said the first time was terrifying… not so much the actual ride, but the anticipation. Especially the countdown as you enter the launch capsule! But he liked it enough to ride twice, and on the day of our visit, the line for this ride moved really fast.

I have a feeling Bombs Away is a ride my kids will grow into over future visits!


We love making annual visits to our favorite amusement parks, and it’s always a bonus when new rides are introduced! I highly recommend a visit to Splish Splash waterpark if you are in the eastern Long Island area! I also recommend booking your tickets in advance –> click here for a special Splish Splash discount code!

Have you been to Splish Splash this year? What did you think of the two new thrill rides? What are some must-dos on your summer bucket list?



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