Must Have Running Gear for Active Moms

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I love running. It’s honestly one of the easiest workouts. Where I live, I can just slap on my sneakers, head out the door and hit one of my favorite running routes. I have a beautiful (and hilly) preserve right near my house, and in bad weather there is always the gym and treadmill. I love signing up for races, even just your local 5K to have a training goal in mind. I also love that running, as a workout, requires minimal effort to get started, and you do not need a ton of equipment. But there are some essentials that will make your training even easier, so I am so excited to share my list of must have running gear.

The post was sponsored by BODYARMOR. As always, all opinions are my own.

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At the end of the day, if you are dressed and have a pair of sneakers, you can hit up your favorite running trail. Again, the beauty of the sport is you can go for a run with no advance reservations, and not a lot of bulky equipment! But in my MANY years as a runner, having pounded out thousands of miles in both racing and training, here is a list of some of my favorite running gear.


Cute (and functional) running clothes

For many runners, this category will come down to personal preference. In warmer weather I prefer a sleek, fitted tank and long bicycle shorts or capri workout pants. I love these Lululemon shorts as a summer wardrobe staple, but I prefer longer shorts for running.

In colder weather, I have a pair of Lululemon Fresh Tracks Tight (similar) and this Under Armour top running layer. Again, I like the fitted feel of clothes when I run.


Good Running shoes

This is probably the most essential item on the list. If you are serious about running, I suggest going to a real running store to get fitted properly. In my early years of running, I purchased my running shoes at a local running shop. Now I know what fits and what I like so I purchase a new pair of New Balance every 3 or 4 months or so. I know my size, so I just go on amazon and check out the latest colors and styles! I recently started buying two pairs of sneakers – one for the gym (cross-trainers) and one that is solely a running shoe.


Running Headgear

Must Have Running Gear for Women. Everything an active mom needs for a great running workout #Running #Fitness #WeightLoss
Winter running jacket and headband

I rotate through three different headwear options depending on conditions. In the winter, I love this Under Armour fleece headband. It keeps my ears and head warm! In warmer, sunnier weather, I will usually wear a baseball cap. If it’s warm, but not sunny I will opt for one of these stretchy headbands to keep my little hair fly-aways out of my face. I wear these in the gym as well.



I like to listen to either a podcast or Pandora when running. I always use these headphones, which have great sound, and are cheap and easily replaceable! However, hubby just bought me these (he LOVES these headphones) and I am excited to try them out!




Must Have Running Gear for Women. Everything an active mom needs for a great running workout #Running #Fitness #WeightLoss

I mainly use the RunKeeper app for tracking my runs, walks and bike rides. BUT during races I always use this amazing (and cheap) Ironman Waterproof Watch. This is a great watch for swimming, or any water sport because it is completely waterproof. I have also worn this watch while traveling abroad or when working out where there is no data service for my phone.


Running Fanny Pack

Must Have Running Gear for Women. Everything an active mom needs for a great running workout #Running #Fitness #WeightLoss
warm weather running gear at the 4th of July, 4-mile race. July 2018

Hey I love a good fanny pack – I really wish they would come back in style (where they ever really in style?). For running, I have tried the arm bands but I really prefer the fanny pack. I have this one. Its sleek, comfortable and fits my giant iPhone 6 Plus (yeah, I am due for an upgrade). It has two pockets so I can also hold my key or some cash!


BODYARMOR sports drink

After last year’s bout with vestibular neuritis, and some other times feeling dehydrated, I am sure to always re-hydrate after a hard workout! During this hot Long Island summer or when traveling in desert climates – looking at you Southern California, I have been more and more conscious of staying well-hydrated. So I always look for a delicious sports drink to mix up the old water routine!

Must Have Running Gear for Women. Everything an active mom needs for a great running workout #Running #Fitness #WeightLoss



  • In a sports drink, I look for yummy flavors, natural ingredients and low-calorie options. If you are like me, then Body Armor is perfect for you! BODYARMOR Sports Drink now comes in 11 flavors: 
Strawberry Banana, Orange Mango, Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Tropical Punch, Blackout Berry, Mixed Berry, Grape, Pineapple Coconut, Watermelon Strawberry and Knockout Punch! In fact, Knockout Punch, BODYARMOR’s newest flavor, was designed specifically for the brand’s partnership with the UFC. BODYARMOR is now the “Official Sports Drink of the UFC.”


  • BODYARMOR contains natural flavors and sweeteners, potassium-packed electrolytes, coconut 
water, vitamins and no colors from artificial sources. 
BODYARMOUR tastes great, but I tend towards the Lyte version – which comes in four amazing flavors – Peach Mango, Cherry Berry, Orange 
Citrus, Blueberry Pomegranate. BODYARMOR LYTE has only 20 calories and 3 grams of sugar per serving


  • Starting in 2018, BODYARMOR Sports Drink is available at all Walgreens locations nationwide. 
Click HERE to receive $1.00 off on TWO (2) Bottles of BODYARMOR Sports Drink or BODYARMOR LYTE Sports Drink (16oz Only).


These days I am trying to mix up my workout routine with treadmill runs, long bike rides by the beach and gym workouts. I hope to sign up for some races this fall to stay motivated and healthy! What are your favorite workouts? What would you add to this list of must have running gear? Have you tried BODYARMOR yet?

Must Have Running Gear for Women. Everything you need for your best running workout #Running #Fitness #Workout #FitnessMotivation



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  1. You are so inspiring! I need to get out more. My husband really likes New Balance shoes, but I’ve never tried them. Now I want to! I also look for the same things in sports’ drinks. I need to take a look at these. Great post!

  2. I think I might need to get some new running equipment. It’s winter here so we are running in beanies and trackies a lot of the time. I really think that watches are such a great way to keep on track and watch your progress they are a must on my list too.

  3. Christa

    I’m a runner and am always looking for a pair of headphones. All mine break or get lost. I’ve never tried Body Armor. I live in the desert where it is still hot. I’m always in need of something hydrating when I run.

  4. Great recommendations! I don’t run regularly, but I do workout at the gym, and many of these would come in really handy. I actually think that fanny pack is pretty cute. I’ve never tried those drinks, but the Lyte sounds fantastic.


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