About Me

In my first post, I mentioned how last June I left formal teaching. At that point I wasn’t sure what I would be doing professionally, but this school year I fell into some subbing and a lot of tutoring – which I love. I do miss teaching math, but I honestly don’t miss the long hours, difficult parents & students, and the endless pile of work and grading.  Tutoring affords a good balance of a part-time schedule, the opportunity to work one-on-one with students and to really see their progress. And it gives me more time to be with my family, travel and work on Momma To Go!

So when EDUCATION.COM approached me to partner with them on getting the word out on some of their kids’ math activities, it seemed like a great opportunity! I am all about active learning and fun activities with my little ones. When an activity can be educational – well, thats a win/win!

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