Recently, I’ve been flying a lot. In January I went to Cary, North Carolina and Ft. Myers, Florida. Hubby and I love the thrill of getting a low plane fare- we have lots of great tips and tricks for getting cheap & free flights (Which I really need to share soon!). We are lucky to have three airports that serve our area, LaGuardia, JFK and Islip-MacArthur. That alone gives us lots of travel options – but with all things being equal we always try to fly out of JFK. There are so many options to get there, it’s really the most convenient for us. And for that reason, people are always asking me about getting from JFK to Manhattan, or about transportation from JFK to NYC! So I put this post together to help making getting to and from JFK airport a breeze! I’m so excited to share all these great tips for getting to and from JFK like true New Yorker!

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How to get from JFK to Manhattan: And everything else you wanted to know about JFK Transportation

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